Distance from Festival Grounds to Downtown????

Just curious as to how far the walk is. Wouldn’t think of it being to far but curious as to how far it is…

Plan on having my bike with me anyways. Thanks :thumbsup

Ridiculously close. The grounds are pretty much next to, or even IN downtown. It’s great.

Yeah, thats what I figured, can’t wait, couple seperate music announcements have really made my day today. Going to be a great summer. :evil :thumbsup

It’s maybe a mile from the west end of town to the festival grounds and about three or so from Lawson Hill camp ground. It’s not too bad a hike, but a bicycle makes it so much easier. :cheers

If I remember correctly, the entire town of Telluride is only 8/10th’s of one mile long.

Auntie Hope :pickin

Isn’t that the same as “maybe a mile”? :lol

:thumbsup Wow that makes my 5’-8" about 6 feet… Cool :lol

Let me be the first to ask that this line of thinking NOT HEAD STRAIGHT INTO THE GUTTER! I think we had enough of that during Pre-Fest last year.

Maybe, About, 8/10th’s… It’s All Good! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Auntie Hope

I would like to vote that this line of thinking should HEAD STRAIGHT INTO THE GUTTER!!!


The funny thing is that rounding means that my 6’2" would round down to 6’ which means Jerry and I are now the same height!!

I guess that means that I don’t weigh as much as I thought I did.


Well, Mr. Mayor… it’s about 6 feet from the Festival Field to Downtown Telluride if ya listen to the Hippie and the Crunchy Frog Dude! :lol :lol :lol

(shut up Hooch) :rock

Auntie Hope :pickin

I guess that means (in the same line of thinking) that I have a full head of hair.


Since “most” of it is still there!

I would like to vote that this line of thinking should HEAD STRAIGHT INTO THE GUTTER!!!

You asked for it…


Honey, let me be your Crunchy Frog
Or I won’t be your man at all
Honey, Let me be Your Crunchy Frrrroooogggg!


Auntie Hope :pickin

OMG YES!!! :cheers

I vote we officially re-name Salty Dog :medal

hahah Love it!! a :flower :medal :medal

Thank You, Thank You… I’ll be in Town Park all week.

Throw money! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Does anyone have the actual coordinates for the festival grounds so I may make some calculations on Google earth and plan my arrival AND escape!

Check the “I am here - Where are you” thread! :thumbsup

What, are you parachuting in and departing by helicopter or something?

And what’s this “escape” nonsense? Escape? Why would you even want to leave? :wink:

Just joshing-no I am pretty certain I will not wish to leave and if it hadnt been for a gig commitment back in he Isle of Man I had hoped to spend a leisurely week extra in CO exploring. I REALLY need to make my flight on the Monday at lunchtime…