Distance Between Fly Me to the Moon and Sheridan?

Can anybody help me out with the distance between these two Nightgrass Venues?

I just noticed that Crooked Still starts at 10 and Greensky starts at 11. I wouldent mind catching some Crooked Still before Greensky at the Sheridan :slight_smile:

it’s a block away and across Colorado Ave(main st)

If you are from the mountains then it’s a quick walk up the street and across. If you are from Florida then it’s like 8 miles away.

It’z a purty short stumble.



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you bringing me that bottle of Patron you stole from me
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Depends on if you’re crawling, knee-walkin’ or by some incredible feat of endurance are still upright walking. Or you can just float over, and I don’t mean on the river. :wink:

Hey, that’s not nice… it only feels like 4 miles. :evil

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

The distance isn’t so bad, but last year shows at Fly Me to the Moon hardly ever started on time. And when they did, some had opening acts.

Thanks everybody! :slight_smile: I really hope that Crooked Still starts on time. That would be some really sweet back to back action on Saturday night…Crooked Still to Greensky Bluegrass…mmm taisty…

Don’t forget about Gaelic Storm on the main stage! That should be a great show, too.