Dirt Band

Any chance that Jimmy Ibbotson and/or John McEwen will join the Dirt band at the festival?

I would imagine that John will, saw Jimmy on the 50 year anniversary show, but I don’t think he tours anymore!

They will both be playing June 14th at James Robb State Park, Fruita CO

Here’s hoping, but McEuen left the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band last year and has been touring as “John McEuen and Friends present Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” That doesn’t exclusively mean he won’t be there, but it sounds like it’s unlikely since he seems to be doing his own thing. I’m sincerely curious about what that set will look like, though.

How cool would it be if the NGDB got the whole slew of the musicians still left at the festival and closed their set with a rousing rendition of Circle?

I think you can bet on that one! :pirate

Outside of the members of NGDB, and some of the Scruggs boys who sing background on Circle, are any of the others still alive? Just pulled the album insert out and I can’t find any who are still alive. Thats too bad, now I’m feeling a bit sad.

While I see your point, it seems to me that the larger point of the “Circle” albums is the acknowledgment that the songs can never die unless we allow them to, even if the people/performers do. It’s through things like TBF that they stay alive in new and exciting ways. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I might have been confused about what Buckeye meant. I took it as remaining performers from the album, but what was meant was remaining artists at the fest, duh, that makes way more sense. I’m still sad thinking about all those great artists who are in the angel band now.

Do you have a link for that? Could be fun to hit on the way to land rush.