Die-hard 20+ year Festivarians Needed for Interview

Any Festivarians celebrating 25 year anniversary this summer? 30th? 35th+?

I’m looking for some die-hard Festivarians who’ve been coming to the festival for 25+ years and would be willing to be interviewed for a history piece for a national publication. Please comment or email me at: Hart@Telluride.com



I think Telluride Tom and Cindy Lou are the people with the most tenure - I’m pretty sure Cindy Lou has a t-shirt from almost every TBF that sold a t-shirt

I was thinking about Cindy Lou as well. When is your deadline? If you’re going to be at TBF, wonder around Town Park a few days before and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of 20+year Festivarians.

I think Ted Rodriquez may even beat Cindy Lou… I think he’s at 37?

WOW , I didn’t even realize that this is #20 for me… and I don’t even think of myself as that much of a veteran.

I believe Cindy is at 37 as well. I’m not 100% on that, though.

This will be my 40th. 41st if you count the 1973 fourth of July party. Also will be 38 for my wife.
It has all been fun. Thank you Planet Bluegrass.


I barely have you beat, Debbie - this year will be my 22nd. Hard to believe…

Surprisingly enough, this will only be my 33rd. :thumbsup

Yes, I am 37. :lol Oh wait, you didn’t mean my age? This will be my 37th TBF. I missed the first 2 since I was still in HS in Oklahoma. I missed 2005 only since 1976. Congratulations to Greg D! I hope you have clearer memories than I! It’s all kinda blurry for me, but there are a few moments that definitely stand out and I will never forget, especially about the early ones.