Did everyone have fun? ;-)

Wow, what a weekend, was everything I expected plus more. :thumbsup
Highlights for me had to be, Opera house friday, Terrapin Station… WOW!!!
Saturday Opera, Moseley, plus all of the crew from the whole week making it in…VERY NICE :cheers

Sam Bush Rocks… and wow I saw Drew Emmitt not playing every possible stage. What a week, hope to make it back.

Much love all

The Music as always was first rate
I want to thanks The Planet as well as KOTO.org
for letting us Shut Ins , A little slice of heavan
Thank you !!

Just got in…too much to compliment Planet Bluegrass, KOTO, the residents of Telluride, so on and so on about now…but for me the highlight was Ricky Skaggs, KY Thunder with Hornsby…such a great set!! Missed out on the Yonder madness at the Sheriden, oh well, too tired to detail too much more, but what a great time!!

Uh, yes, I had fun.

(the understatement of the decade for me)

More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

The best time i’ve had in YEARS and YEARS. Been trying to write a post about my experience and cant even put it into words. Almost too good to be true!

I didn’t get it quite right again this year :lol :lol :lol
Guess we’ll just have to it try again in about 350 days.

Thanks all for making it a hugely fun time. and uhhh ---- we listened to a little bit of great music too :thumbsup


I want 1 Fat Tire, 1 Sunshine and a little more COWBELL!!

Telluride was great! :cheers

It was my first TBF, but most DEFINITELY won’t be my last!! Such an amazing experience! ~ Due to a bad car accident last summer, I still require the use of a walker… I was very pleasantly surprised at how many folks seemed genuinely concerned with how I was doing. Every time I turned around, someone was checking on me to be sure I was okay… You guys are an incredible community that I am truly honored to call family!!
I was also amazed at how many of you came up and personally thanked me for blowing the bubbles!! That’s something that I’ve been doing for MANY years at lots of various festivals, but I’ve never had so many marvelous compliments from fellow festivarians ~ Wayta make this newbie mama feel welcome!!!

See ya next year!!!

~ April, aka the Bubble Girl :wave


You were at both yonder and emmitt nershi sheridan right??? I was the tall guy, gave you the space right up at the center of the stage on saturday. camp by you guys in Lawson. we were the crazy guys dances our asses off in their. I say some the the pictures you took at the show and was wondering if their is anyway of you e-mailing me some of the nershi show. I was the tall dude in the brewers hat, spreading the goodies at the show. hit me up please, would love some of those pics. you got. :thumbsup :evil :cheers

I had the best festival I have had in years… thanks in no small part to my family here on the forum. I had been going through such a hard time in my personal life and really wasn’t sure if I could make it through the festival. I had the chance to strengthen relationships that mean a lot to me; to forge new, and hopefully lasting friendships, and to celebrate life in all it’s various guises.

Thank you all very, very much… and thank you Planet!!

xoxo R

I had a blast…and part of it was just camping and chilling
with a wonderful group of folks. On Sunday night after
the House Band set, at out campsite, I tripped and took
a fall, hitting the ground with my left temple. Fortunately,
I was ok…but I smile looking back because nearly everyone
at the campsite kept making sure that I was ok. Thank
you all… :slight_smile:


Been hard not to!

Perfect weather, almost!

Perfect Music, almost! Ryan was too loud for sure! :frowning:

Perfect company, every day!

Food was great, really still a bit bummed with the lack of Strawberry Shortcake from the folks at the Italian place, that used to be a festival perennial, when did they pull out?

:flower I heard lots of folks talking about how much fun the Festival was this year. Great weather to start with, I loved the Younder and Leftover Salmon Set, and couldn’t of been happier when Big Jon, Craig and Steve got the attention they so greatly deserve for putting this really big shu on.

If you didn’t have fun you need a :lovedr
:giggle :dog :sunshine

hahaha, did anyone tell you about the cowbells during sam’s set? it was hilarious! each member had one in hand and they did a neat little “round” of playing them during a song . . ha it was awesome.

yeah I was tuned in !!

It was really a great fest. I wish I hadn’t been too shy to register before the festival (I was one of the “guests” everyone kept talking about) and gotten to know all you fine folks. I actually walked by the mayor a few times and overheard people introducing themselves! Next year I’ll meet you all.

I guess you are shy if you didn’t stop to say hello. :flower
I won’t bite. :lol

What an AWESOME FEST this was!! It gets better and better each year. This year, I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of y’all from the forum, and it was a blast. It was great meeting Telluride Tom, Luanna, Hope Lin, Hooch and several others at the photo shoot thursday evening (and a special ‘WOWSA’ to ‘Tinabelieve’ :slight_smile: ).

The music was awesome, as usual, with special kudos to Spring Creek and Sam Bush …they rocked … although ALL were great sets!! I look forward to next year all ready :). Stayin in Mountain Village was great compared to an hour or so commute from Ouray that we’d done the last 2 years.

Y’all are a GREAT bunch of folks and it was a pleasure getting to meet you all.

I have to give a special shout out of ‘THANK YOU’ to the beautiful ladies who allowed us to share their tarp on Thursday. I didn’t get their names (they had town park wristbands), but they let us be 'tarp-remora’s ’ all day and evening (to be honest, they spent the whole day at another tarp and just stopped by now and again to check on their stuff (that we were more than happy to keep an eye on for them). They exhibited the truest example of Festivation, if you asked me :). You gals ROCK!.

Happy BlueGrassin’ all. Hopefully some of you will make the Happy A** Ranch Bluegrass fest near Lake George weekend of July 11. Drop me a line if anyone is gonna be there :).