Did anybody tape the festival and/or the late nightshows?

I wanted to make it out to the festival but couldn’t. I was hoping to find someone who taped it as well as the late night shows. Can’t belive I missed Robert Plant in Telluride. I don’t know about you but a skyhop from Smuggler’s sounds great right now!

Yup, plenty of tapers were present. Check out the Show Traders / Tapers forum here, http://www.festivarian.com/index.php/board,21.0.html.

There are a bunch of sets up at http://bt.cotapers.org and http://bt.etree.org/index.php

Looks like Friday is the slowest day to trickle out so far. Folks have done an awesome job getting this festival into circulation!

My count shows me only missing:

Thurs: Tim & Kevin

Fri: Joe Pug
Chris Thile

Saturday: Bootleggers

I haven’t had time to listen, but I’ve collected all the KOTO streams being torrented, and then added every audience recording I see, to figure out who had the setup I like the best this year!

Found this many, and seeding! Looks like what huckin was saying - mostly KOTO from CoTapers, light on friday. Post up if any audience tapes are cleaner. The Plant recording sounds rough, understandably. Wonder how much more nightgrass will pop up?


I REALLY want the Stringdusters and Jerry Doulgas sets. Bluegrass POWER TRIO!

btw, thanks to all the tapers for their efforts!

agreed capt. telluride!
any further updates on the stringdusters tapes…

:flower Still waiting…