Desperately seeking a 2004 setlist: Bela Fleck & Jake Shimabukuru

Hoping someone on here could help me out…

I have a bootleg copy of a 2004 Telluride set of Bela Fleck & Jake Shimabukuru. The set is pretty incredible & the opener (after a tune-up) is what sounds like a version of Disney’s “It’s a Small World.” It may not be that song-might be another one that just resembles it. Regardless, it is an absolutely beautiful jam.

For years, I have been trying to track this down & find out what song this is & if this is the only time either one of them has played this song. Now my 3 year old daughter is hooked on it & I’m trying to capitalize on her first love of really great music :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me figure out this song? I have an MP3 of the song, not sure if I can post it.

Other songs in this set list include:
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Orange World

Thank you!!

I’m not sure as I only have the While my Guitar Gently Weeps song. But I would try and ask Bela or Jake they would be the most likely to know.

Thank you. I forgot to add that Foggy Mountain Breakdown is also in that set.

How would I go about contacting Bela or Jake?

Just checking in to see if anyone has any more info?


Don’t have the set list or bootleg, but it might be “6 In the Morning.” It is a Jake song that was occasionally played with Bela and the Flecktones during 2004.

Thank you for the suggestion. I checked &, although its beautiful, that’s not the song. My mystery continues!

The song I have sounds like a jammed out version of Disney’s “It’s a Small World.” My husband thinks its not that song. It’s just so beautiful, it seems strange that neither of them would ever play this song again.

Is there a way to contact Bela or Jake? Do they hop on any message boards or anything? A place to post the song & see if someone could identify it?

If the tune starts with Jake and then Bela comes in later, it’s a duet of Jake’s 6 In the Morning combined with Bela’s For Sahsah. :slight_smile:

Brought tears to my eyes all 4 times I heard it live.

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Thank you-I checked & unfortunately its not either one of those songs…

The tune sounds alot like a rendition of “Its a Small World” (except waaay cooler!!!) but I cannot find this anywhere else from either artist.

The mystery continues…

Without the ability for any of us to hear it you’re pretty much on your own.

If you can e-mail it to me I can put it up on my website with a link here for other people to get. :thumbsup

At least that way we can all enjoy it. :flower