Del's Army Delfest Food Drive

:wave :wave Well most of you may not be aware but there was quite the fight over keeping Delfest in Cumberland MD over last summer into the late fall so this year is going to be extra special and a point of celebration as Del has decided to stay for good! Some local folk got together on Facebook and started The Pale Ale Army or the 1344 and they were pivotal in fighting for our great festival. Now, with that all behind us we’re making our next venture into community outreach. This year Del’s Army (The PAA) is trying to raise 2000lbs of canned goods to help stock the Allegany County Food Bank. Be sure to bring something along with you and drop it off at the Army’s post at the entrance to the fairgrounds. It’s a great opportunity to have a Ton of Fun and raise a Ton of Food for those less fortunate. We look forward to seeing you all at Delfest!!! FEEESTIVAAAAAAAAL!!!

Here is a link to the Facebook page if you wish to visit and join up!