DelFest, May 22-24, 2009

So cool to see that DelFest is back for its second year (since I missed last year’s :argh)

Check out the awesome lineup:

Old Crow
Railroad Earth
it goes on and on.

Hey! :wave

We just got our for 3-day passes and want to know if any other festivarians will be attending.

Man, this is going to be sweet. :thumbsup

hey! me and sutton will be there, and andy (wander) and racheal, and maybe dayton from the forum too! and Mark! and maybe jen too! it’s gonna be a real hootenanny that’s fer daaaaaaang sure :slight_smile: FESTIVALLLLL!

Now that’s what I am talking about! L-I-V-I-N!

I will PM later on in the week and we can work out so festitails!

Sounds goood! I’ll be with Mark in Birmingham this weekend, maybe we can give ya a call :slight_smile: can you BELIEVE the lineup??? its going to be sooo freaking wicked awesooooooome (in my best mainer voice). YEEE HAW!

turtle . . . . if you start walking now, you’ll make it too!!

75 minutes from leaving! :thumbsup

Will be hanging with Maineahh (Sarah) and Mark from Alabama. Good times are a coming! :cheers

Let’s send good vibes to all the folks in MD…
It seems that a huge rain / hail storm has come thru DelFest and a LOT of peeps had to leave… Wishing all the east coast family some :sunshine and :vibes

Hey Miki :wave,

I’m a little confused. :huh I don’t know what you mean about “zapping” you and I’m not sure why you are calling me a fart head. Seriously. What did I do? I am an honest Puck. (no really, I am :thumbsup)

Can you explain? :flower


I personally experienced the worst storm ever. Quarter-sized hail in a thunderstorm that lasted about an hour with 50+ mph winds. 30-40% of the campground looked leveled. (My car suffered over a grand in damage).

Sam’s set was cut in half but the DelFest people did their best to rearrange things and Old Crow put on one hell of a set afterwards.

Thank you so much for the positive vibes you sent our way. :flower Look forward to meeting you in Telluride to thank you in person.


Wow, Billy… You are oh so welcome for the positive energy sent your way!! So sorry to hear about your obviously scary experience and of course, your car. ~Hopefully it was insured…?? Please tell me there’s a ‘crazee hailstorm’ clause??

I’ve been reading about the storm and looking at various pix online and despite the devastation, it seems that most peeps were at least making the best of things… Glad to hear there were no injuries either! Tents and other gear can always be replaced…

Such a small world my man, I was there too! Cumberland is my hometown and my parents still live there. We really need to meet now that I know we both live in the D.C. area!!