Delfest 2011

Looks like OCMS and Warren Haynes are going to be added to this year’s already stellar lineup. Sure is great that there’s a festy for those who can’t afford the trip to CO.

This year is going to be extra special, all my Del’s Army folks understand :hop :hop :hop :hop!!! After that fight and victory the vibe is gonna be groovy!!! FESTIVAAAAAAAL!!! :concert

Hey Dharmabum,


We didn’t connect at TBF (was it last year?) but I’m heading back east to hit Del this year - you also coming out to Tride?

We’re getting in at Del on Thursday to catch the Dusters and DTB.

Since we last connected I’ve up and left DC and now live in Boulder. Hope to see you at Del.


:wave BILLY!!!

He brother it’s great to hear from you! Boulder huh?! Ya lucky dog, how’s it treating you? Yeah it was either last year or the year before but unfortunately we won’t be making Tride this year. We’ve just bought a house and so funds are a bit low, but we will be at Delfest for sure! I’ll send you a message with my number and we’ll be sure to have a few :cheers. I’m bringing a mix of home brews we’ve been working on over the last year so should be good. Do me a favor and drink me a 1554 out there in the San Juans in my absence. Talk to ya soon…FESTIVAAAAL!!! :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop

Hey Billy…I’ll be at both festivals this year too… aren’t we lucky festivarians:) Looking forward to my first Del Fest… and, my sweet 16 at T-ride this year. Any tips or advice for Del fest…particularly for the camping scene/set up? I’m arriving on Thurs. eve as well. See you soon!

In Peace,

Hey Michelle,

That is awesome - can’t wait to see you. I will PM you my # so we can connect.

I went in 2009 but missed last year but Greg (aka the Bagger), who will be in TP this year for the first time, went last year as well as in 2009.

Check out the festival map on the Del Fest site, The majority of the camping, at least in 2009 and it looks to be the case this year, is to the left of the Family camp icon. Now the entire area is not very big but I remember we got this sweet little spot actually to the right of the Family camp area (but not in it) in the rectangle where there is the second water fountain icon and directly above the RV day icon.

I think it will be worthwhile for you guys to check out that area first. Overall, once you get your wristband, there weren’t many folks asking you “where you are going, etc”, so act like you own the joint. :thumbsup

I will see you next week!


Just to add for the camping there has been some expansion and clearing done over the last year to accommodate more campers. If you’re looking for a rootin and rowdy time, the general camping sites are fine. If you’re bringing children the family area is definitely recommended as Festivarians tend to go long and strong at Delfest lol! I’d definitely get there early on Thursday if you’re looking for a good grassy spot as these go very quick! See y’all there!! :wave :wave FESTIVAAAAAAL!!! :band

Oh and don’t forget to all attending…

Be sure to bring some canned goods and drop them off at the Del’s Army checkpoint near the main entrance!! We’re proposing to raise 2000lbs to help stock the Allegany County Food Bank! Real exciting stuff so be sure to pass it along to anyone who may be coming. FEEEEESTIVAAAAAAAAL!!! :dance :dance :dance :dance

Doggonit if I didn’t miss you again Billy! Not for a lack of trying but once we sat up the Food Drive booth and the rain started my iPhone fell prey to the mud. It’s out there somewhere to this day and there it’ll stay lol! Man I hope you had a blast and one of these times I’ll see ya whether in T-ride or Cumberland that you can be sure of!