Del McCoury- Lincoln Center FC Del & Woody

Help identifying the “breakdowns” would be greatly appreciated. I feel like y’all might have some answers here. Breakdowns call em breakdowns call em so. Whatcha gonna do about it’s what I want to know.

Del McCoury Band
Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO
DPA 4021 Tinybox M10
row FF right of center head mount ortf
First Set: The music of Woody Guthrie
Applause compressed by -8dB limiter 1ms attack/decay

  1. New York Trains

  2. Introduction

  3. Cheap Mike

  4. Cornbread and Creek Water

  5. In This World All Alone

  6. Californy Gold

  7. Out Of The Rain

  8. Government Road

  9. Dirty Overalls

  10. Family Reunion

  11. Women’s Hats

  12. Little Fellow

  13. Cold Cake Fritters

  14. Tear Drop Blues

  15. Bluest Man In Town

  16. Breakdown

  17. Nashville Cats

  18. Breakdown

  19. Big Blue Raindrops

  20. Washington County

  21. Hard On A Heart

  22. All Aboard

  23. Get Down On Your Knees And Pray

  24. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

  25. Smoking Gun

  26. Breakdown

  27. Encore crowd

  28. High On A Mountain

  29. You Broke My Heart