Deer ?


We were just sitting quietly and pretty much behaving ourselves (relatively) but I think there was a deer hopping through the crowd during the Nickel Creeks set. It was over towards Theresa and Kenny if I am not mistaken.

Did anyone really see what happened ?


I personally saw 3 deer on the hill across the river around that time and did hear two guys say one ran past them. I think the cop on the hill kicked them out though, because they did not have wristbands and the beer tent would not serve them because they were under 21.

I remember someone around me shrieking and saying “A deer just ran through the crowd!!” but I remember thinking they were high on hooch and didn’t pay them much attention. I personally think Hooch is wrong about the cop on the hill escorting the deer family back out - that dude was a SNIPER, keeping a sharp eye out for illegal “glass and alcohol,” which the deer family obviously didn’t have any of, as they were not carrying any bags whatsoever.

I also heard someone on our tarp swearing that a deer ran through the festival during Nickel Creek, but her eyes had the mist from the smoke of a distant fire. :lol :lol

Wow, I am absolutely mesmerized by the tales of Rudolph and the Rabid Deers. :eek

So, anybody care to talk about the music and share a little magic with the poor sods who didn’t make it out??? :flower

I’ll second that motion.

How was the music?

Auntie Hope :pickin

I hate to do that to you, Billy and Hope. The festival was fun as sh*t, and the weather was perfect. Don’t even get me started on the music. Highlights included my favorite new band Cadillac Sky, Peter Rowan doing a complete acoustic solo set, and Del McCoury with his amazing flying fingers. Chris Thilie showed up everywhere with his magical mandolin, and the best part of the weekend was dancing like mad with two of my best girls Courtney and Anne to the entire Sam Bush set. A surprise visit from our very favorite Las Vegas teachers was the icing on the cake. Much love and thanks go out to Brett, Karlos, Anne, Courtney, AJ, Connie, Mark, Bevin, Telluride Tom, Carolyn, Kenny, Kim, Eric, LuAnna, Mike, Miki, anyone I’m forgetting, and all the new friends we made this year as well. :flower :love :love :love :love :love

That being said, DAMN it’s hard to go back to work. :frowning: :frowning:

Something ran right over/through us, a blur at best.

At the time I just chalked it up as a hallucination. :cheers




How would you describe Cadillac Sky’s style of bluegrass?

I thought about this while listening to them.

They have a sound very similar to Infamous Stringdusters which might or might not help.

But basically a 2007 progressive, but not-jam band, newgrass style with a hint of country.

At least that’s what it sounds like to me.

Awesome description! Thanks!

Auntie Hope :pickin

I didn’t “see” the deer because it was moving too fast and it was dark but something definitely jumped over the fence right in front of me in the pit. It was weird!

Great description Apollo, thanks! I was just going to say they were like, really groovin’ and stuff. :lol :lol

a couple people told me that there was a deer over in the blanket area of the pit… it got backed into the corner, freaked out, then jumped over the fence and through the crowd…

but it wasn’t during NC, it was much earlier that day…

Same deer…different time.

It happened. Brian has documented numerous testimonials to confirm the deer during Nickel Creek’s set.

It was either a mass hallucination, or perhaps Ferg accidentally conjured a deer whilst trying to conjure the moon at Chris Thile’s request.


Actually it was just Duk Tape Man trying out his Halloween costume. :lol :lol

I’m not exactly sure why but it was much easier for me to sit and listen to the music at RG than TBF. Maybe it was due to my awesome friends kept getting nice spots in the semi-shade or that I had a scaled down set up. I’m with Daniella on the music. I’ve seen/heard Sam for the last three years but this time, I fell in love. That was sooooo much fun. I’m still getting to know names of musicians but I loved when the four men were playing and showing honor and tribute to the unique style of the older mandolin player. I liked when they were explaining chords - I was hoping that some musician out there was listening and understood because it was a foreign language to me. Cadillac sky was fun on stage but more fun in the streets when we met, I invited them to do a house concert in LA, we’ll see about that. Then when they played for the “tarp ticket” line after midnight. I had a good laugh and nice dance to the bluegrass BeeGee song - was that stayin’ alive? Too funny. It was fun to dance and be swirled by the guy who wears skirts. Come to think of it, maybe CSI mike wasn’t smiling because he forgot his skirt!