Dates in 2023 - I need to know in advance so I can book my leave

Hi everyone, I know this has been answered before but cannot find thread.

Can someone please post the 2023 dates because ( choking up here) I’m not getting there this year. Long story but basically airline prices from Australia have more than doubled and Aust $$ has sunk so low the cost is impossible. I’ve started saving for 2023 because it’s breaking my heart to miss it.

Does anyone please know dates?

HI! :wave
I actually just ran across this earlier today an found it as the last question on the general information page.

“What are the future dates for the festival?
The festival dates revolve around the weekend closest to the Summer Solstice. Next year the festival dates are June 15-18, 2023.”

Seems like in years past before the Planet’s website revamp they added a few years out - but hope this is helpful. :flower

Thank you, that is exactly what I needed. :heart::heart:

tmc likely got it right, but you can always try to confirm by contacting PB or even CCASSE

… I don’t see the 2023 calendar up yet, but I’m sure they have it at least penciled in to some extent

For some reason, this has stuck in my head when most other things fly away:

Music always starts the 3rd Thursday in June.

Very sorry to hear you won’t make it this year but I can’t imagine all the potential complications. The trees are getting thinner and farther apart but we ain’t out of the woods yet. Stay well.

Well that sucks!!
OK, next year you need to show up on Landrush Saturday to make it worth it!

Sweetheart! I know! It’s killing me, it’s almost too hard to read the posts here, I’m so heart sick.

Next year I’m coming the whole time, I’m getting there early and I’m doing everything.

You and me, both. NEXT YEAR, fersure! (Fingers in the air for 25 TPs for "23…never too early) :cheers