Date for 2017 tickets?

Hi Friends- I need to plan my morning out for TBF ticket day. That means limited coffee (too stressful) clear my calendar from 8:45-11 MT, make sure I have 3 devices at the ready and recruit my fellow festivarians should I get screen-freezed out.

Any reason to think it would anything other than the first Friday of December? I think that’s been the day for the last couple of years.

Hey Fan,

I assume you are looking to purchase the standard 4 day pass. If that is correct, I would not be getting stressed at all. There were many, many 4 day passes for sale from your fellow festivarians on the ticket section of the Forum last year. So if you don’t score what you need when the barn door opens, rest assured you’ll get 'em either directly from someone here, or from PG when they sell the returned tickets.

'course the whole process helps increase stoke factor!

Good point PP- But you know, gearing up for that mania and 20 minute sell out is half the fun. There were a ton of extras the past fest and in '15 also, but it was actually harder in years prior.

My guess is 12/2 or 12/9. Can’t wait to be there again soon!

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TBGFAN, looks like it’s gonna be Thursday 12/8. :thumbsup

Good luck and see you there! :cheers

Thanks Pass Port. Exciting! Let the games begin!! :thumbsup


bubbles is my hero!

Trailer Park Boys - The Best of Bubbles

Marshking must be a Canuck

the word is spreading south…ya’ll will get there soon enough :wink:

Negative, but my pointlessly heavy Chicago accent does regularly draw guesses of more Northern origins.

Is the merch site broken? Am I crazy? Or is it really 1030p on the 8th and tix are still available?

You guys beat back the bots finally? This is great!

Friday morning and Four Day Passes are still available! This is great! This like the old days. Yesterday morning was still very stressful, but maybe next year I will be a little more calm about getting tickets.

Out of town on a business trip Wednesday and Thursday. Just bought 2 4-days on the site. Yahoo!

Is it freaking June, yet?!

Mostly posted because I like typing the word: Wednesday.

Yea, maybe. :wink: