Dancing in the low back zone?

If we are in the low back zone and the urge strikes us to get up and boogie, that isn’t going to annoy the people behind us is it? If the people in front of me are dancing, I would probably get up and dance too!

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Greatly depends on who is behind you, but in general people don’t mind.

I’ve been going to TBF for many years, this year is my 20th, and I’ve always loved that if you’re moved to get up and dance, there’s no reason not to! People behind you understand this and may get up and join you!
The first year I went to Rocky Grass though, I thought the vibe would be the same as TBF, and was moved to get up and dance. That’s when I learned that was frowned upon and there are actually “dance police” that will come by and inform you that dancing is only allowed in certain areas of the venue. Different festival, different vibe. I think I like the TBF vibe better.
That’s not to say that I appreciate those folks that stand up in front of you while the band is playing and yammer on incessantly, not even listening to the band at all. To those folks I’d love to say, sit down or move somewhere else!


I think as long as you’re not standing up/dancing the entire day, you should be fine! If you do want to do that, I would probably move back just to not block the people behind you all day. Other than that, dance on!

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Everyone comes there to dance and have a good time. No one should ever complain if you are up and dancing.

Thanks all. I was 99.9% confident it was cool but wanted to make sure. Getting more and more excited!