Dad Tunes

About 10 days ago my dad passed away, 24 hours after a massive stroke. The evening of his passing, I gathered with my brother and sisters at my mom’s house to look through photo albums and tell stories of his life among us. In the end, we collected over 150 photographs detailing his birth, childhood, marriage, and life as the most important man we are ever to know.

Those pix have been scanned, and I have been charged by my siblings to create a slideshow of Dad’s life and times. Every slideshow needs a soundtrack, though, and I’m hoping Festivarians can help.

I’m asking you all to suggest tunes that relate somehow to fathers, fatherhood, and fond remembrances of fathers. He loved watching my crazy brother do Figure 8 races, and he had a soft spot for ugly little dogs, to whom he invariably gave terribly inappropriate names. (Planning the funeral, we decided on a photo collage. I innocently asked my sister if she had a photo of “Dad and Satan”, his favorite dog. I thought the priest would faint.) Tunes suggestive of joyful remembrances are welcome, as are songs that convey the depth of loss a child feels when a parent “goes clear”.

Any suggestion is appreciated. If you can contribute a title and artist it will make collecting the music easier. I’d like to have this project done by March 5, my Dad’s birthday, as a special gift for Mom.

I thank you all in advance.


sorry to hear of your loss. What a great way to remember your father, and a great gift for your mom! it makes me think of that song about finding love so young, but knowing even then that this was the person for you. Oh yeah, “tiny broken heart”. It’s such a simple, cute, old timey kind of song yet it has such a powerful message. Hmm lets seeee… songs more about fathers . . . i’ll have to get back to you on that one:) johnny cash does that song, father and son or something that cat stevens did, but it’s a little sad . . .anyway, good luck with this project, i’ll be back w/ more! :slight_smile:

Although it’s about the loss of a son, Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” may still be appropriate. :flower

Since it’s to be for/about your parents, their dance throught life together and the obviously wonderful children that they loved and raised together…

Bela Fleck, Overgrown Waltz. The album is Tales From the Acoustic Planet, Vol II - The Bluegrass Sessions.

I once heard from someone that works with Bela, and agree 100%, it’s the most beautiful piece of music he’s ever written.

Your a good kid in my book. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Hey Dean,
I’m sorry about your dad. I’m glad your family has each other through this. As for your project, check out My Old Man by Steve Goodman. It’s on Say it in Private. Also, Darrell Scott’s album Family Tree has a beautiful song “The Hummingbird” on it that comes to mind when thinking of dad songs. It’s pretty personal and not joyful but lovely all the same. “My Father’s House” on that same cd is also a great tune but wouldn’t fit for your needs now. Maybe more will come to mind. Until then,

Garcia and Grismans version of sitting here in Limbo both helped me cope me my father dying 2 years ago and it also helped me to let out my emotion. Such a beautiful Song.

Sorry to hear of the circumstances, but I just wanted to chime in that “My Old Man” by Steve Goodman is a good choice.

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All best as you complete your planning for the service.

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Dean, happened to come across another sweet song that might be nice for your project. Check out “You Can Call Me Papa” by Donavon Frankenrieter. Lemme know if you can’t turn it up…

I’ve been trying to remember the song I was thinking of to contribute to this thread, and I just found it. It’s called “Scraps of Paper” by Eric Bogle. A very contemplative look back at missing a father and realizing what you’ve lost. You have my condolences during this time. I lost my own dad a few years ago, so I know how hard it can be.