Cure for Post TBF Blues

Ok everybody, I’m a wreck. Can’t work. Can’t focus. I just troll around the internet looking at pictures, listening to music on myspace and uploading pictures…and asking myself hard questions like…

Did I really stick my tongue in a BAS boy’s ear?

Guess so

So what does a girl do to get over this and back to real life???


Wow. I sure hope Brad had washed his ears that morning!

Dude there was so much alcohol in my system that day I probably sterilized his ear for him!

I am actually starting to get work done…whew. :hop

Don’t try so hard, Jess - real life bites. Get a RG ticket and stay on the train!

Hilarious pic, btw!

Oh Bevin I wish I could go to RG. But there is no way. No more time off from work for this girl. What I really wish I could do is pull off Folk Fest but I just booked a trip to New Orleans that same weekend for work, so that ain’t happening either. It so bites to be “owned”.

Guess my next festivating adventure will be Pickin’ in the Pines!

This time next year I won’t have a real job anymore. I’m going back to guiding. I’m sick of offices and computers. And most especially SICK of writing grants! :bash

That’s good because he was complaining about a raging ear infection earlier. Hehehe.

That’s good because he was complaining about a raging ear infection earlier. Hehehe.
eeewwwww!!! :hooch

One of my colleagues just came in my office and was looking at the pictures.

In total deadpan she said, “I take it you are never planning on running for public office.”


I fully intend to run for public office! Why right here, right now I am announcing my candidacy to run for Town Park Secretary of State! Just call me Madam Ambassador!

You know the Anti-shushing Committee has your back!
BTW Jess - what about Pagosa … that’s at least 2 weeks before PIP, and everybody’s doin it man!

Yeah! Pagosa! Do it!

I will be missing Pagosa this year…moment of silence…

But it is Jeri’s 50th birthday and I am throwing a party for her out in the forest near wing mountain…I think there will probably be 9,000 boatmen there…

Emma and Janet are here…we are washing camping gear and drinking…COME OVER