Counting down the days!!

I’m pretty sure that is not possible, but their are pickin sessions at the other camps as well, no shortage of good music

Up tp Wed before fest starts …yes
after that wristband required

The Festival Grand Opening is Thursday morning. At that point in time you will need a wrist band to gain access to Town Park. Prior to that morning all are welcome in Town Park for the Pre-Fest activities.

Y’all Come! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I won’t be touching down in CO until the 16th and no TP wristband. I hope to meet some of you at the shows!?!?

You won’t be able to miss me!
Who else would be wearing a straw top hat. :lol

Indeed sir, indeed! :thumbsup

It is too far to count the days. I am thinking about our garden, and what to plant. I might have to bring produce to get me through the week. I have been thinking of all the friends I have made in TBF’s of the past and I am grateful for the opportunity to go this year. I hope to find our comfortable area of Warner field on tuesday morning, and I hope that those of you that actually missed me last year will be around. I don’t know if all our friends from Grand Junction will be around this year, or my friends from California, so we should never take this for granted, it truly is like the wind, ephemeral, in ways that blow by us, usually. I need the magic of the music to carry me away again, even the early morning chill of sitting in line around the volleyball court, or the yells in the night,“Festival!!!” In any case, “Namaste” and I know that the time until we see each other sill be brief, and I will live in the music once again. Until then, need little, want less.

Nice sentiment …

… but do you mind if I still count down?

Only 104 Days to Go

:oconnor :band :sunshine :clap :pickin

103 in the UK WooooHooo-ing and Wahaying! :thumbsup

If you deduct the time difference its a day closer !!! :thumbsup

I don’t know how many days it is, I just know it’s too long !

102 Days to Go

FEEEEE, WHAT’S THAT A FLY??? Noooo problem it’ll go like a flash o lightning :whip

                                            100 days

Now that calls for a WOOOOO HOOOO YIPPPPEEEE YI YAYYYYYY! :thumbsup

Are you sure you’re all Brit? That’s quite an outburst! :lol

Once below the 100 mark, I’ll permit myself a restrained Wa-Hey! :eek

Lol, I thought that was quite restraint for me! :wink: :thumbsup

It’d be restraint from me as well, but I’m not a Brit. Does that mean I’m entitled to crazy outbursts at random moments in time???

Banking on it. :cheers

The Woo-Hoo quotient will be maintained now that the final line up has been announced, I feel a full blooded Woo-Hoo coming on.

I just managed a huge Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaawww…

… but now I feel quite feint, pass the tea please Vicar.

I’m going for a restrained “Top Hole”.

Shawn Colvin, maybe she’ll marry me when I ask this time… :flower