Coonskin RV camping

Yep, I’m a newbie, and this will be the first trip to Telluride for me and my family (my wife and I and two boys, 4 and 6). :wave

We’re pulling our 28’ camper trailer down from Billings, MT for the festival. And since I couldn’t figure out any practical way to cut four feet off so that we could fit in Town Park, we’ll be staying in the Coonskin RV lot this year.

From talking to Dustin at PB, I know that the Coonskin lot opens on Tuesday and there evidently are only 15-20 camping spots there. But I haven’t been able to find much additional information, so I figured I’d find out what my future festivarian friends know about the place. Has anybody stayed there before, or know someone else that has?

Here are a few things I’m curious about…
-What are the spots like? I’m gathering that they’re pretty flat, open spots without trees or windbreak?
-Do folks get together and hang out (party?) in the Coonskin lot, or does everyone pretty much just sleep there when they’re not at Town Park?
-Are there going to be any other families camping at Coonskin?

Best of all, I’d love to hear from other people who are going to be staying there this year. It would be great to meet some of my neighbors before we get there.

Man, I can’t wait!

Cheers! :cheers

[b]Howdy Big Sky A Great Big FestaHowwwww-Deeee!

I’ll give it a shot :whip … [/b]

Here are a few things I’m curious about…-
What are the spots like?

[b]The Truth? The City of Telluride Utility Vehicle Parking Lot and impound lot (fenced).

Downside: limited in scope, size and amenities, a bike ride, long walk or free shuttle service to/from the venue. You’ll be making your own fun here, sorry! Upside :thumbsup: Gorgeous Scenery and near the Coonskin Chairlift (sorry but that doesn’t really matter, just a geographical point), but a short hike (10 Min) to the Gondola.

The Astropad Coonskin Landing Asphalt Camperland and Heliport (Defunct) is near a road (thank goodness) with good access and very near the grocery and not too far from the fillin station, Barney. And the high school showers.

The field next door is a welcome sight as there is nothing built on the land (save the valley floor!) for you to use as your window to the west! Across the street are condos. (Electrical Power from Extension Cords? You didn’t hear it from me! :evil) You are also near the T-Ride Township (those who live there) Parking Lot.

Oh yes, almost forgot! :hop You are really close to the river and you can axually walk the river all the way to the venue (25-30 mins)! River with benefits I suppose! Lovely for romantic walks and morning hikes (no vehicle trail). You are close but no cigar to the center of town and the outdoor free entertainment arena in the center of town. (10 min walk)[/b]

I’m gathering that they’re pretty flat, open spots without trees or windbreak?

You gather right! Flat as a Flapjack! You may not need your levelers, but bikes would be brilliant for your set-up. Y’all be lining up rigs without backyards and just enough room for popouts … maybe. There are trees, trouble is they are on the mountain! Windbreak only from the Telluride Physical Plant and Impound yard. Truth is, you will enjoy your mornings there, but you will be in town for the rest of it. Trust me! You will want to!

-Do folks get together and hang out (party?) in the Coonskin lot, or does everyone pretty much just sleep there when they’re not at Town Park?

The 'Skinners have no choice but to stick together. :talk :dancing :drunk :pipe2 You are a unique group and you have your own wristband color (but do not quote me on that! haha!) Carpeting would be a nice amenity and tarps to cover your ground space. If you have space for a outdoor table or 4 poster sunshade, anchor it well as one good gust could send it into the next county or completely destroy it! Chairs a must (the kind you CAN roll a basketball under (Barca Lounger) and other various sundry items! Sadly, Bouncy tents are not allowed…

Are there going to be any other families camping at Coonskin?

I did hear the Muleskinners will be there. :horsey Watch out for their hooch, its a doozy! There may be other 'Skinners as well. BF Skinner called in and will not attend. LandCraft of all shapes and sizes will be there too. Also, git the recipe for rumballs off this site and you’ll the most popular family at the site!

Y’all be fine! Kick up your heals and praise heen that you don’t haveta sleep in a tent! Especially if it downpours er rains or snows or hails for that matter!

You’ll have few regrets. You’ll be right where you belong! But you pretty much already knew that!

Va Bene a Tutti! Hope that helps! (By the way, I never stayed there, but have seen it numerous times)

And a Great Big Montana Howwww-Deee to you too, Bub! Thanks a lot for the great information in your post.

I really appreciate all of you veteran festivarians who so graciously help us newbies find our heads from the other end. Because of the great posts by folks like you, this site has already been a huge help to me, not to mention feeding my boundless enthusiasm about the festival. (And, no doubt, draining my June work productivity, but what the heck!)

It sounds like what I’m not seeing on the Google Earth aerial photo of the Coonskin site isn’t really there after all. :8 So I’ll tell the kids to watch out for helicopters! Defnitely bringing the bikes and learning how to make the rumballs. (How many rumballs before I fall off my bike? I can’t wait to find out.)

I am looking forward to uniting with the other 'Skinners in Telluride and am hoping to hook up with some through this thread. If anyone reads this and is staying in Coonskin, please drop a line or a post. In a couple weeks we’ll all be out in the great wide open, but I’m anxious to meet the neighbors.

Cheers! :cheers

“We few, we happy few, we band of 'skinners;
For he to-day that shares this parking lot (and a few beers) with me
Shall be my brother; be it ne’er so vile.”

– Shakespeare (umm … sort of)

Great Reply! :drive

Wow, I checked out googoo maps and its not really fair that you have only a winter photo to seek your Shangri-La … But it is on there. Click and drag to the right. Add street names to the list. Its at the corner of Pacific and Mahoney. ( the streets are a little off), but findable… If you zoom in, you can see the City Lot/Impound, (it has a wall around it) and there is a single bus parked in the the lot. If you see those points, you are there!

Have a great adventure!


Well, I thought I’d bump this post one more time in the hope that I might snag at least one other person that will be sharing the Coonskin RV lot with me. If there’s anyone out there, please give me a shout. :wave

We continue to bubble with excitement :hop in anticipation of our imminent trip to Telluride. Planning to leave Saturday and arrive Tuesday if all goes well.

Thanks again, MBB for the bumps and all the info. By the way, those are some fantastic pictures. Makes me ever-more anxious to festivate!