Cool musical instruments

It seems there are no topics on cool or unusual instruments, so here goes:
I just visited the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix last week and it was INCREDIBLE! Every country was represented with their indigenous instruments, some dating back 300 years, others of recent vintage like Roy Orbison’s, Carlos Santana’s, Jeff Beck’s and Jimi Hendrix’s guitars. We spent hours wandering around and could have stayed all day. My new profile pic is an Italian mandolin from 1770. There are videos screens everywhere playing some mind blowing stuff from places like Africa, Asia, all over. You wear headphones that turn on when you stand next to any given screen that let’s you hear what’s being played. SO COOL! A great display for Martin guitars, live performances, a hands on room to bang on drums or a xylophone, or pick a banjo. This is a bucket list item folks. PEACE. FP


They have a venue in the museum that was designed to have darn near perfect acoustics. Have seen Bela, Wood Bros, Steep Canyon,and others there. Can confirm the museum is a must see when visiting PHX, try to pair it with a show. It’s worth every second.

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I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time. Going finally in March to see AJ Lee and Blue Summit. Will spend lots of time checking out the exhibits.

It is my favorite place to bring visitors to my hometown. We are incredibly lucky to have both the museum itself and the venue (not a bad seat in the room)!

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I agree, we had a fantastic time at MIM. The cafe was pretty good too. And the hands on room was really cool i got to play a theremin which was really fun. The mechanical music boxes and traveling dance machine was incredible. Definitely i must see for the musician and music lover.