Cookin' for Telluride

:wave Dwayne and I are cookin’ our hearts out . Today it’s Grilled brats, peppers & onions and mashed potatoes. Tomorrow it’s Kalua Pig, 16 1/4 # of pork butt, :lol He said butt. Of course we’re drinkin’ Fruity Rum Drinks :cheers. What’s everyone else Cookin’ for Telluride?

Today it was just hot dogs. :frowning:

Sarah, her sister and fiancee will be here later tonight and I’ve got rib-eye steaks thawing out for tomorrow night. :flower

Please tell me you are bringing some Candied bacon… I’ve been thinking of that all year. I h ave tried to make it a few times but not as sucessful…

So, how do you get everything to stay good long enough to take? I guess lots and lots of ice???

What are some favorite pre-ccoked meals?

I’m spending tomorrow making an enormous batch of chili verde, which I will then freeze, for the Oyster BBQ at Run-A-Muck (there’s the answer to your question Karlos!).

That’s basically the extent of my cooking… as I long ago gave up bringing much food other than shelf staple items (I always ended up throwing food out). I may try some quiches this year to contribute to breakfast at Run-A-Muck. I think they’ll freeze and transport well without losing much in the process… Other than that I’ll just be macking on nuts and fruit.

xoxo Rhonny

I am making up some pasta salads before I go they should be ok for the first few days, then I am cooking up the meat for burritos and sloppy joes and freezing that. We do a jambalaya (zatarains) that is good and we just get canned chicken and some frozen sausage for it. We also do a lot of the dried tortellini with pasta sauce and fresh bread from Baked in Telluride.
The hubby left this morning on his way to Grand Junction tonight and then off to Telluride in the morning. Man I hate having to stay and work. Darn bills.
Beth :flower

Me and Mark Gibson and Duk Tape Man will be cooking up a pot of a special, South Carolina recipe called Chicken Bog, at some point during the week.

Say, anyone bringing an extra-large pot we can borrow? One that’ll hold at least 4 whole chickens at once? Let me know… I’m running out of room in my van and I don’t want to turn it over on the way to Bluegrass - again.

I should have read this message before we hung up the phone!! I am bringing an extra large pot for the verde. Please allow me to help you out with your “pot” needs… since you’re bringing my tent and all, my friend!

xoxo Rhonny

Thanks - I’ll need quite a lot of pot to make it through this Chicken Bog.

Hey Debbie, everything gets put in dinner size zip locks and frozen.Block ice in a cooler , duct taped closed and marked for later in the week,not to be opened, stays frozen the longest. Candied Bacon :hop :hop :hop :hop Oh, twist my arm,ouch! OK ,OK.
See ya soon,Gary

I’m bringing fresh corn on the cob for the BBQ on Tuesday, some various quiches for breakfasts, and some green chili for either huevos rancheros or nachos or just to eat.
And enough liquor to drown a bog full of chickens.
The home-grown strawberries aren’t quite ready yet like last year. We had snow on the ground pretty late here this spring (last week!).
If Maple Al brings more maple syrup I have another yummy breakfast (well realistically for me and my schedule, brunch) item to make.
How about it Al, are you bringing syrup?
Still thinking about the potluck as I missed it last year for YMSB.

Ohhohhh, a must is the seal-a-meal! Cook, freeze, suck out the air and back into the freezer until cooler time. Works great and lasts a long time.
I have pre-portioned items like the onions and peppers for the fajitas, meat is separate. I have the sausage pre-cooked and sealed as are the potatoes to combine for a scumptous breakfast.
You get the picture, I used it for years and it works great, it does not accidently come unsealed which is the best part.
So, Carne Asada, Fajitas, Pesto noodles with shrimp, marinated chicken for the grill, homemade stew, homemade brownies, etc. We are not going hungry, for sure!
All that is left is the banana bread to make.
… oh a bit of packing too.

I am making Blue Mountain Biscotti and perhaps some Cowgirl cookies…
We will see, Oh and I am hoping to make bread… I hope it works out… :slight_smile: