Congratulations to Lalagay and Dayton! Today is their wedding day!

I hope your wedding day is filled with love, :love friends :hug, family :talk, and music :pickin :band which is what brought you together to begin with. You two have had a long ordeal to get to this day, and I hope it is as special as your union. You are both beautiful, and your wedding is just the beginning of a long and happy marriage. :clap :hop These days will make for some wonderful memories to tell your kids and grandkids when you bring them to FESTIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!
:woohoo :butterfly :sunshine :sunshine

Lovely, lovely Lalagay
today it is your wedding day.
You met a man who stole your heart
Not even an ocean could keep you apart.

Dayton came to dance in the sun
And in Telluride, he found “the one.”
He knew you had to be in his life,
For now and for always, you are husband and wife. :flower

Couldn’t have said it better! :thumbsup

Congratulations to Both of You!

Auntie Hope

And may your life be filled with the same.
Congratulations. :flower

can I hear an Amen in the wings???



Ooooooooh you guys are too sweet :flower
Thank you thank you thank you :hug
Cindy Lou, that poem truly touches my heart :medal

I am soooooo happy to finally be married to the man I love :woohoo :love :hop :clap :rollin :sunshine

And only 10 months till we get to celebrate in true festivarian fashion with you guys :cheers

Sweetness! Both of you are just so lucky to have each other. :medal
Love what a s sweet gift :kiss :hug :vibes

See you in June! :flower



Congrats to the Newlyweds!! :cheers

awhhhhhhh! thanks so much for the kind words everyone, and cindy lou, that poem is wonderful!
and dustin, is that a giant dancing banana, or are you just happy to see me :eek
well, we both just absolutely can’t wait to be back in telluride and dancing in the sun together… and its getting closer everyday :hop plus, we got a big house 6 as a gift, which is an awesomely big tent and it needs to spend as much time in town park as possible :cheers
thanks again everyone :bubbles we can’t wait to see ya’ll soon :wave

Hey! my post on this thread completely disappeared. Weird. But… I will say it again!

Congratulations to the two of you. May this be the beginning of many happy times together. Can’t wait until we get to help you celebrate in June!


P.S. Hooray for the new big tent. Now that’s a great wedding gift!

:flower… Nice…Congratulations! :cheers