Condo Tips

A slow cooker with a brisket/ribs/other started early will be ready by 6. A rice cooker programmed for the same. These two small packable items are a great way to have dinner on auto and ready when you are. Auto shut off on all. All you have to do is make a veggie.

A Bread Maker set on delay for early A.M. or the loaves made in advance.The smell of fresh bread to be cut thick and dipped in eggs and milk and smothered in berries and whip cream!

Planning for kiddos this year at brunch.
Bloody Mary’s with Clamato and celery salt. Ricks winning recipe WOOF! Quevos with fire in it for the adults. :cheers

I love this planning part.

Condo tip #3: Sublet your lame, overpriced condo and get yourself a Town Park camping pass so you can be where the serious festivation happens!!!

Now Hooch, I think you’re just getting all excited and stuff, huh?

Are you packed yet?

I’d like to say that I’m slightly ahead of the usual packing sequence and subsequent panic attacks, but it’s only Tuesday. How about you? Do you have a lovely condo reserved?

:lol :lol :lol…I actually think I might consider sleeping on the ground if it includes all of you! :medal You know I am a Run A Muck girl anyway. At heart. :flower

:rolleyes funny guy hua? Why yes Brett I do and it has a steam shower and a coffee maker crispy sheets and a hot tub. :medal How ya like them apples :medal

As for the panic attacks I’m sorry to hear that. Relax its only music and people you’ll be fine.

What is it with you campers anyway. Condo undercover is that what we all need to do. Our feet get dirty just like yours. I have camped many times. No shame in the condo crawl. :flower


“It’s not a gang! It’s a Club!” :flower

I wonder what the ratio is between Condo dwellers and Campers during TBF?

This will be our 6th year doing the ‘condo crawl’. The first 2 years we camped in Ouray and commuted. Never did the Town Park or other local camping options…one of those ‘need some space’ things. Close quarters camping isn’t for everyone … and I’m one of those ‘everyone’s’. The downside, tho, is missing out on some awesome pickin’ parties and socializing with die-hard Festivarians and, if in TP, the experience of bacon in a box canyon ;).

Its a bittersweet symphony.


Yeah well there ya go two brave folks that are staying in a condo. Oh gee I don’t know ya think there could be more? :rolleyes

YES!!! Lots more just afraid to come out :burn

No shame . UNITE! A collective Condo pick! :medal

Landshark, add 11 of us to “the gang”! We love the crawl, as well. This make 6 years in a row it! Nothing wrong with a little style, Right?

bueno Festival!!! :cheers


Well you don’t really know style until you have experienced Town Park, Run A Muck Style! :pirate

The sad, blind denial of condo people has inspired me to develop a 12-step program to help condoholics admit their problem, repent to their deity of choice, find strength in their new-found faith, send me a cash gift, and find their way back to the awesome Town Park camping experience where there are flowery meadows and rainbow skies and rivers made of chocolate where the children dance and laugh and play with gumdrop smiles.

True, I have not had the pleasure of Town Park, Run A Muck Style. But, at 62 years young, I Have run a muck, with style, many times! Maybe someday I will venture in to the Town Park and seek you out and we can swap stories, in style! :thumbsup

Bueno Festival!

Thank you! Seeking help now!

…You young whippersnapper!

staying in condos rocks. i did it my first few times. no matter what the snobs say, you can truly enjoy bluegrass staying all kinds of places in town.

Wow that’s got to be the first time that people sleeping outdoors, on the hard frozen tundra in a tent in the rain and snow, have Been referred to as SNOBS! Awesome! Anyone can sleep in a Condo, but real (snobbish or not) Festivarians are camping in Town Park! :pirate

“Please don’t feed the Festivarians”… :festival aren’t these golden tickets hard enough to buy/find?