Condo Pickers Unite

                                                                                      :wave  :wave :wave 

If your going to be in Telluride before fest or after the last set Thur-Sat. and you still feel the need to boogie and want to meet some new friends than repLy to my post with a personal message
(link at the bottom left of my post).

I mean really , why should all the sisters and brothers in camps have all the fun…(love those guys)

I say we start some condo traditions, right here, right now cowboys and girls… :horsey :sunshine

Happy hour, BBQ’s, late night picks, morning hottub picks :lol… :medal Lets just call it a Progressive Pickin Party of sorts :flower

That sounds awesome. :thumbsup I’m still looking for a room to stay in though!

Good Luck and if you feel the need to pick like I said and I’ll say it again sisters and brothers, than get on the train and give me a PM :lol
Starting to shape up… :flower

PM Sent :slight_smile:

:thumbsup and back at cha :flower