Compost Bags and Campgrounds

Howdy Festivarians who camped :wave,

Something new we did this year was distribute compostable bags for y’all to place your compost in.
The thinking was that the bags would make it easier for y’all to compost and encourage more people to do so. :flower

In trying to gage how effective the compost bags were, any feedback, suggestions you might have on the topic would be very much appreciated ! :thumbsup

Bonnie whose coming to ya from Planet Bluegrass

Oh… we didn’t know that… I would have loved to have them at our campsite where too much compostable material that wasn’t food scraps got put into our trash.

how did we not know?

where were they?

fortunately we made very little trash , but still… it all adds up.


You dropped some of those bags at my camp and I gotta say we really liked 'em. We even re-used them as long as we could.

Having a well-kept compost barrel/pile/box/etc makes a difference in how camp looks and smells, and being able to toss the whole mess, bag and all, into the compost dumpster was really convenient.

Keep it up!

We did not know about these bags either, but would have used them if we had known. Instead I just filled a regular (‘bad’) plastic bag with food scraps and then dumped the scraps into the compost bin holding onto the bag and reusing it for the same purpose. We have always been good about recycling, this is the first year we also paid attention to composting although we did not have much compost, nor trash for that matter.
We had mostly bottles and cans for some reason :wink:

You dropped them at our camp and we used 'em. Nice call!!! :medal


We didnt receive any until we were packing up… Would have been nice to receive early in the week. We were camped near the bathrooms.

I don’t recall getting/seeing any at Illium. I usually travel with my own garbage bags, so it’s never an issue if I don’t receive a bag or two for garbage. However, as earth friendly as the fest is/was, handing them to each car load is a great idea…

what Debbie said. great idea, next year pass them out earlier? we got ours just before leaving.

I heard word of them beforehand, but never saw them at town park. maybe something to hand out when checking tickets on the first day? “let’s see your tickets. here, have this bag.”?

I would have liked a description of what is compostable, recyclable and trash put up two weeks before festival for us ABGATers. Some said meat products were fine in the compost, some said no meat products. We had paper goods in our recycling :eek. My super incredible camp support crew were sorting trash when they should have been doing dishes :whip (Just kidding) They did have to sort trash which would have been nicer to sort as we go.

The Goddess Walk About attempted to give out a few recycled compost buckets. Thanks Deb and the others who helped. Next year we’ll try again.

What if the compost bags were dispensed at the compost bin where the volunteers are? :huh

I agree completely with Courtney here :flower … We have an aggressive single stream recycling program in my community that accepts “all” recyclable materials. Force of habit continued when we set up our “camp systems”. A simple clarification of the policies would greatly help our pre abgat. I would remove carboard boxes from the pack, double check the food packaging, and triple check for “unnacceptable” recyclable material before ever leaving my driveway.

It would also help us all to become better festivarians if we simply knew what material could be recycled at TBF and what needs to g to the landfill. Like Courtney we depend on campmates to do water and garbage runs, it’s a waste of their valuable festivation time to have to seperate stuff at the dump site or camp site when a bit of “abgat” communication could educate us all.

:wave stepping down from the soapbox now :wave


Thanks for the effort to make these available to folks Bonnie! We brought a five gallon bucket for composting as did quite a few others I’m guessing by the pile of them I saw near the bins on our way out. Compostable bags are a much better idea and I wish I thought of it. I never saw them though. I like Goodle days suggestion of passing them out at the gate.

I also want to once again commend the Planet’s commitment to this all enough to have people posted at all those ststaions helping us out. It can’t be the most fun job and yet those folks are always smile ready. I really appreciate all your efforts.

peace, kym

Hey, I think the planets sustainable festivation techniques should be published in music production magazines. I’d love to bring your concepts to the NOLA Jazz Festival, they produce TONS O TRASH. Seriously, you’all do an incredible job and I think have brought it to a level that’s ready to share.

I miss the cold water jetting out of the spigots (not the one’s in the shower) and I love my planet modified canteen. Reminds me of the good ol’days of round canteens. Now where did I put my merit badge sash.

Hmmmmmmm must be under the girl scout handbook that’s under the … never mind.

at the risk … arlo said :quote oh what the hell :quote

I think I know where my merit badge sash is. Haven’t seen it since abut 1974. Maybe we should wear it next year for the goddess walkabout :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes.

I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.

:cheers :cheers :cheers

Nice Jerry I never got that far
I got kick out of Cub Scouts for eating a Brownie…

thanks for the feedback- :slight_smile:

would having info about what can/ can not be recycled, composted on the website prior to festivals be helpful for future festivals? Because festivarains are coming from all over and each community has their own system, it does get tricky about what can and can not be recycled and composted compared to one’s home community

any other suggestions/feedback about the waste system are most welcomed!!
Festivarians are a key part of the green programs success so thank all of you!! :thumbsup


designate ahead of time … (on the website and on the forum… and include a link with the camping confirmation emails) what is recyclable, what we can put in the compost and what is trash. Point out the WHAT IS NOT when it will help clarify … and include a few good tips that will make help us keep all of those things to a minimum.


Shut up Ron!! But oh how we missed you this year :evil :cheers

If we know where the recylcables/compostables are going, for example San Miguel County landfill or wherever, we can just go to their website and find out what they take and do not take. I know that La Plata Co. and Montezuma Co. are VERY different in what they accept, so most of mine gets hauled to Durango because they have better facilities and accept many more items than Cortez or Mancos. Perhaps you could post a link to the site of wherever they are destined for.

Handing them out as people enter the campgrounds or get their wristbands would help a lot. The bunch you gave me when I got my wristband didn’t make it half way through Town Park before they were gone. :flower