Coming up solo

This is my third Telluride but first solo trip and I was hoping to meet some new people and make this the best trip yet. I am staying at the high school, which is a first for me so if anyone could give me some advice on camping there I would appreciate it. If I could crash on someone’s tarp that would be great to. I am more than willing to buy a round of beer :cheers

Lastly I’m a college kid who decided to do this a few days ago so is camping at the high school like camping at Warner where you can form a line the previous night to get in the campground with your car? Just trying to save some money by not having to buy an extra hotel night.

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I’ve never camped at the high school, so I don’t know much about what goes on there. Be sure to remember that the high school is a drug and alcohol free zone. Don’t light up or grab a beer while you’re there. I’d even recommend trying to switch to a different camp ground. There are plenty of Mary E. passes still available. The shuttle is a pain, but there are no enforced quiet hours there. Or grab a Warner ticket. There are plenty available on the forum.

As far as going solo, don’t worry. You’ll meet plenty of people. I made the trek down from Montana three times with a group, once with two brothers and the other two times with one brother and his girlfriend. Last year, none of them could make it, so I flew solo and found plenty of people to hang out with. I’m coming back again this year without my brothers and camping with Run a Muk once again. You’ll find people. Especially if you’re willing to sit in the tarp line, run a tarp, help around camp and so on.

sugar is right on, the high school is “family friendly” you have access to good showers and the grocery store is right across the street, but if that was my only choice I think I would pass until next year. a large number of us made our first trip solo and have never looked back. this year there seems to be an abundance of town park and Warner field tix, those would be my first 2 choices. = party. if you don’t have a wristband from either of these campgrounds, you are unable to access them for the parties and picks once the festival begins. the other campgrounds are cool, they do require a shuttle ride in and back. Warner/town park are a hundred yards from the shows and an easy jaunt home for a sandwich or cold beer. no matter where you end up, come visit us in town park before the festival starts you’ll have access, and don’t forget to show up for the festivarian photo shoot near the beer tent each day at, I believe, noon.

Sorry Rick, you’re thinking of buying someone a beer. :cheers
The Festivarian photo shoot is ONLY on Thursday at 6:30 PM. Don’t forget it!

Tom if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know which end is which! :cheers

“Coming up solo”

I call Bulls&*t. There are 10,000 of us on the way to the same place. :thumbsup

If you’re solo at FESTIVVVAAALLL!!! something is really, REALLY wrong! :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

HS campground opens at 8am Wednesday. If you get there early you can park in the HS parking lot, and schlepping from there is not far at all. If you are going to camp there, I recommend staying away from the road, and the toilet areas, as toilet traffic never ceases, and road traffic goes late and starts early.