Coming from the Bluegrass state

Howdy Festivarians! We’re coming back to TBF for the first time in 8 years and are so excited! We are driving from Kentucky and camping in Town Park and can’t arrive until some time Tuesday. After reading the Festival Forum page we are a little concerned about arriving too late and securing a decent spot and thought we’d reach out here.
If anyone out there has a crew that’s open to having a couple from the Bluegrass State join their Town Park footprint we’d be Grateful⚡️to add to your party. My husband is bringing his bass to jam with new friends and we are bringing plenty of Kentucky bourbon to share if someone wanted to save us a camp spot with your group. Please message me if interested, otherwise we’ll make do with whatever we can find.
🩷 Kelly & Dave

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We can. I messaged you.
Also on FB


I can vouch that ToddG and his group are good peeps that have cool hats and good fish and are only a little bit weird and crazy. :grinning: