Coming back to Bluegrass in Telluride 30 years later....

Not sure what to expect!

I have a pass to the High School, do not have a vehicle pass, and my 4 day pass and camping pass are ‘Will Call’…I assume this means I pick them up Where??? I suppose I will need to pick up the tickets first before heading to the campground, or are the camping passes that are ‘will call’ at the entrance to the campground? I am comfused about this.

I am prepared to back pack in as I do not have a vehicle pass. Where do I park my car??? Am I allowed to un-pack my car at the HighSchool then park? Or do I need to ‘back pack’ my stuff in via the Telluride bus system?

I realize that no booze or smoking is allowed at the high school campground. What are the rules about taking a beer into the actual music/ stage area? Or do you have to buy booze from the vendors at the camp…in the old daze it was bring your own. I’m sure that has changed. :cheers

Now…about campground rules…My friend and I were not able to secure camping at the same campground. Are we allowed to go visit another camp site? And if we are permitted to do so, how long are the buses running? Is there a curfew at the High School campground? In other words, if I go party at my friends campground, can I return to my tent at at later hour as long as I am quiet and respectful of my neighbors?

and lastly, I am considering bringing my fiddle. Are instruments safe as a general rule? I don’t want to drag it around with me the whole time, and I don’t want to leave it in a parked ‘oven’ car. Are folks usually pretty good that kind of stuff?

I am not arriving until tomorrow (thurs) til around 6:00 pm…will I still find a piece of grass to plant my tent?

Also, are backpacking stoves (you know the tiny ones) allowed? Is there a place set up to get potable water?

Sure hope to hear back from someone…it could save me some hiking, etc.
Look forward to hearing from anybody about any of this!

the whole High school camping is new to all of us
all I can say is Enjoy the Ride !

i dont believe you can bring your own alcohol in. they DO search, and there’s plenty of New Belgium beer inside the festival.

BUT…you CAN come and go from the festival. something i tend to do is keep some cold beer at my car/campsite. when i need a “break” so-to-speak, i just head out and throw down a couple brews, then head back in.

i also have no idea about the high school campground. its brand new.

Curious how you enjoyed the fest.

an “I remember” vs. “I experienced” comparison would be really neat.

Thanks for coming back…I hope it was a grand experience.