Coming and going from town and TP

TBF and TP newbie here. just wondering how easy it is to come and go from town once we’ve got our camp set up and a parking space secured. we’ll likely want to get out for hikes and what not each day, but wasn’t sure how easy it will be to get in and out of town once things ramp up. thanks!

There’s all kind of great hiking trails where the trailhead is an easy walking distance from Town Park. Here’s a great guide. Telluride & Mountain Village Hiking Trail Map | Visit Telluride
Just to be sure, once you park your car, it stays there and doesn’t move. You can’t drive it somewhere and then come back. So plan on walking wherever you want to go.

Once you unload, you will be parked and they park people with the assumption that they will be parked the entire festival and will not leave, ie bumper to bumper along the side of the road with only a foot or two between cars. etc. Assuming you are parked somewhere that you can actually get out, which is often not the case, at least not without calling people in the cars around you to move, you can leave town. However, it is not guaranteed and really not even likely that a parking spot will be available when you come back and you may end up having to park in Mountain Village and take the gondola over. The vast, vast majority in TP never move once they are parked. So if it’s necessary for you to leave it’s definitely possible, but unless it’s a necessity it’s best if you just plan on parking for the duration. IF they park you at Carhenge (they decide, not you) you can USUALLY (not guaranteed) come and go the first couple of days (Saturday, Sunday, maybe Monday) but I definitely wouldn’t chance it after that. There are tons of hikes and things to do close by that you will be able to access without your vehicle.


Thanks to you both! This is exactly the information I needed. Is there any downfall to parking our vehicle in Mountain Village in case we do decide to go somewhere for the day?
And what will the exodus on Monday be like? We’re hoping to get on the road pretty early to head back east.

You’ll want your vehicle in town not MTN Village for fast exit!

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Is this the same sort of expectation for Mary E camping?

I have friends that can’t join me on my drive out from denver. Theyre considering flying into Montrose later on Wednesday before the festival. I’d love to pick them up and get em to camp without having them take greyhounds/buses.

Similar in that the sooner you park the closer you’ll be, but if you leave the Mary E parking and come back on Wednesday you’ll end up at the end of the line which is a long walk Monday morning.

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