Colorado Women in Bluegrass - May 2

We’re opening the 2008 Wildflower Concert series with an absolutely unforgettable evening of music in the Wildflower Pavilion, co-presented by Lyons’ volunteer-run High Street Concerts…

More Pretty Girls Than One… II:
Colorado Women in Bluegrass

Friday, May 2, 2008

Featuring Mollie O’Brien, Joan Wernick, Helen Forster, KC Groves, Sally Van Meter, Jessie Burns, Mary Huckins, Sally Truitt, Annie Sirotniak, & many many more

All of the evening’s proceeds (including cash bar, silent auction) go to the Lyons Community Foundation and their mission of improving the quality of life, building a culture of giving, and encouraging positive change for the Greater Lyons Area.

Tickets are on sale now - $22 advance. Do not wait too long, this is definitely a can’t-miss show. With a performer-to-audience member ratio of over 1:7, the Wildflower Pavilion may never feel so small…

In 2005 when we did the first “More Pretty Girls Than One” show, we held it at Rogers Hall in Lyons - capacity of just over 100 people. We setup speakers out front and in the alley next to the hall and people setup lawn chairs all around the building. It was a really special night.

Here’s a little video I put together after that first show. Fun times…

Do you have “Realplayer” on your system?
Actually, Brian should have created a .ram file so it would stream instead of having to download it to play. :wink:

Sorry about the link not working.

I created that movie three years ago, so it doesn’t surprise me if it doesn’t work solidly any more. One of these nights I’ll re-encode the movie and upload it to youtube. Once I do that I’ll share that link.

The resolution on the movie isn’t great - it’s mostly edited clips from my simple digital camera. But it captures some of the excitement around that show. And this next show’s gonna be even better… :wink:

This link will stream the video so you don’t have to download it (as long as you have the Realplayer installed).

You’re welcome Brian. :flower

Thanks, Tom. :medal That link works way better…