Colorado festivals over Labor Day Weekend

Howdy friends, :wave

Say, how many of you are going to a Colorado music festival over the upcoming Labor Day weekend? If so, which one are you hitting - I believe there is the Four Corners Folks Festival and the Aspen Snowmass. Any other gigs going on?



Myself, CSI Mike, Sarah (Maineahhh), Anne (Semicharmed), and Telluride Tom are hitting Four Corners! It was fun last year and the line-up this year is insanely good.

Awesome! From what I can tell from the pictures it looks like Sarah has moved to Colorado for the summer. HUGE! :cheers

Man, I am getting a big itch…

Yep, she is here through at least December doing her internship. We’ve had a huge festivarian migration to Colorado this year. Get your butt over here Billy!

There is also Ratdog and the Allman Brothers @ Red Rocks
Taste of Colorado which sometimes has decent music, and always over priced food.
And the State Fair which will crown the Fiesta Queen. Who can miss that?

For bluegrass fans Pagosa Springs appears to be the destination.

I’m going to Four Corners.


Hi Joe :wave

I’m not going to Pagosa this year. My friend Pam and I are throwing the mother of all parties that weekend for a fellow boatman who is turning 50. There will be a couple hundred boatmen out in the woods behaving quite badly.

I’m in charge of the band, pig fat and other party favors. If you see something on the news about the Coconino National Forest burning down I am telling you now - IT WASN’T ME!!!

Have fun at the festival!