I’m certain that this topic has heen covered, but for those out-ciders, just a gentle reminder.

ALL beers sold in Colorado Grocery stores (including imports) has been modified to a 3.2 alcohol content. Yes, that means Heenekens!

Also, you won’t find any spirits rum vodka and wine, etc sold in any grocery stores, only liquor stores.

Colorado Liquor Stores are mandotarily closed for the sabbath, every sabbath and notin but the sabbath. No Sunday Sales for anyone; butcha can find 3.2 exotics and domestic beers in them grocery stores and where, I do, yes, believe you can still buy that muck

As for the prices, buy elsewhere first and then purchase when youse get low.

At last count, Telluride has at least three liquor stores (virtually across the street from one another) if not more (Mountain Village or other).

Hope that helps!

There are three liquor stores Dewey … one just a few doors from Smugglers. (They have the best tequila and wine selection in town)


There you go! I’ve been outa town for a year!

And I’ll just add that the prices for liquor and beer at the very convenient stores in town are comparable to prices anywhere. In other words, you don’t have to expect to pay more just 'cause you’re in Telluride. Whew. I’m bringing a solid supply of booze from home myself, but that’s just for the first weekend. After that, I’ll be stocking up locally!!

I know of at least four in town and one in Mountain Village.
There’s Belmont and Telluride Liquors on the main drag, the one next to Smugglers, and another one at the other end of town. I try to stay alert to where the liquor stores are. :cheers

O’course! After all, Alcohol is fuel for the soul!

One more post to go for a 100!

Pacific St. Liquors. Across the street from Viking and next to Siam.

still a popular thread among festivirgins, thinkdrinkers and those less initiated to the confines of Colorado’s draconian liquor laws

The no booze on Sunday thing ends July 6th. Colorado’s current laws are nothing like the alcohol laws in Utah though.

To clarify, from an actual local…

There are three liquor stores in town…

  1. Telluride Liquor on Main (Colorado Ave.) Street (Belmont closed over a year ago)
  2. Bottleworks ( By Smugglers Brew Pub)
  3. Pac Street (Pacific & Davis)


One Liquor store in MV, inside the new grocery store at the parking gondola station

and FYI…

Colorado just passed a new law allowing liquor (as well as beer and wine) sales on Sunday,
however, it does not go into effect until July 1st…I KNOW!!! G-D it! Not til next year folks!

Hope all that clears things up. Take care and can’t wait to see you all here for FESTIVALLLLLLLLLLL!
:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

I could have sworn that Belmont was open last year at festival time.
Too bad they closed, as they were one of my favorites. :cheers

The owners of Belmont bought Telluride Liqours. So, Belmont still exists, if you think real hard. Belmont was all there was when I first moved there. Telluride Liquors was the bank, and the Pacific Street Liquors building had yet to be built.

One of the liquor stores, I think the one by Smugglers, will deliver! (to town park even)

We talked about it last year when I was at the store.

But I’m bringing all the liquor I don’t want to pack to move across country so stop by my camp first ;).

Now delivery of the hooch! Never heard of that one yet, what a classic idea! Oh miss, could you drag a case of Absolute Cranberry and a short stack of Peanut New-are?

Snick snick!

So to clarify…can you purchase the 5% and above variety of beer at the liquor stores? Or can it not be purchased anywhere in CO?

Yes you can, but currently not on Sundays.
Grocery stores and convenience stores only sell 3.2 beer.

If you purchase beer at a grocery store, it’s said to be limited to 3.5% alcohol. But beer purchased at a liquor store is supposedly higher in alcohol content. I can’t explain the rationale behind this, but the safe bet is to buy your beer at a liquor store, unless you want the lower alcohol content on purpose (ie, adjusting to altitude, trying to pace yourself, novice drinkers in your camp, etc).

Maybe one of the nice folks at a Telluride liquor store could explain the difference and the reason behind this rule - maybe it has to do with Sunday sales. But it’s definitely something to be aware of.

It used to be that if you were over 18 and under 21 you could buy 3.2% beer in Colorado. That law has since changed, but the 3.2% in grocery stores remained. :flower

Ja! And what’s up with that?