Collaborations This Year--Your Predictions

  1. My big wish is for Pete Thomas and Davey Faragher to join Elvis Costello Friday night for a short Imposters rock set after an hour of the Sugarcanes. Only Steve Nieve would be missing, and Benmont Tench would be a thrilling replacement there. (Or Steve could show up.)

  2. A Nickel Creek reunion seems like a sure thing, with the Watkinses playing on Sunday.

  3. Elvis with Jenny Lewis on Saturday for “Carpetbaggers.”

  4. Emmylou joining Conor Oberst on Thursday for “Lua.”

Any other ideas?

I’m definitely expecting some Railroad Earth/Cornmeal and RRE/Greensky collaborations… Maybe even all three bands together!!

Anders Beck from Greensky Bluegrass joining Yonder Mountain at some point?

Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth joining Greensky? He produced, recorded, and played on their latest album.

Emmylou Harris and Elvis Costello together.

I will also VERY strongly advocate that Nickle Creek get together. Im suprised they arent doing an actual reunion set at Telluride.

we never know who will walk out on sage to help out with a song

I don’t think we have to worry about it. I’m sure that, even if they don’t play together on the main stage on Sunday, they’ll play together at the Sheridan that night.

They’re obviously not opposed to it…

haha yeah, I was there for that. This way the absolute highlight of the show: hilarious.

As a bit of background, Noam usually has a segment of the show where he sings a song… poorly. He said he was going to give up his spot in the show for them if he could request a song… this is the result.

[edit] and yes, it was planned…

Dueling fiddles, with Timmy Carbone (RRE) and Allie Kral (Cornmeal)…
~Don’t care who sits in with who, as long as it happens!! :thumbsup

I am gonna be happy with whatever I get, but I’ve been thinkin’ that Sam Bush sittin’ in with Railroad Earth during “Hard Livin’” would be sweet!

You can bet on a Carbone sit-in with Greensky(and probably a few more bands).

I really want to see Emmylou and Elvis sing a couple of duets.

I really want to see Kim and I collaborate on a ton of stuff with all the Festivarians!

:lol :lol I’ll follow you on that one UselessJo!
I’m looking forward to see the newbies getting to collaborate with the long time festivarians, and the camp-goers collaborate with the condo-goers, and the brits collaborate with the yanks…
Ahhhhhhh :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: lots of festilove to look forward to… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

From a musical perspective, I hope Stuart Duncan walks on to the House band set, I hope Chris Thile walks on to the Jerry Douglas set, and I hope some Nickel Creek - meets - Punch Brothers is in the air this TBF…

Sooooo many good times to look forward to… :sunshine

I’m hoping Yonder recruits David Byrne to do vocals on a version of “Girlfriend Is Better”!! That would be truly awesome. Or, any Talking Heads cover would do just fine.


I bet Sammy could do an awsome job of Mr. Jones. Love the talking heads but lets keep an opened mind. David might not do any Talkin Heads and maybe all new stuff which would be very cool. :flower

I’d love to see Sam and Emmy Lou do a couple of songs together. Especially if they sing “The River’s Gonna Run.” I love that song

From what I’ve heard of David’s recent shows, he does do solo stuff for most of it. He usually throws in a Talking Heads song or two for good measure though, so I’m hopefull we’ll get something! :cheers

David has a very interesting tone to his voice. I am relly looking forward to hearing him live.
His voice sounds a bit mehcanical or synthasized to me… very cool fellow indeed.

Agreed, whether we get Talking Heads or not, it’ll be a show to remember!!! I can’t wait for Telluride, I’d leave tonight if I could :cheers

Excellent swing by and pick me up!!!

No doubt! I probably should have been clearer with my post. I meant that it would be great to see YONDER play “Girlfriend Is Better” (a song they already cover) with David doing vocals. Or YONDER doing any Talking Heads cover with David on vocals. :rock

I didn’t mean to suggest that David would play any Heads tunes in his set. I would like to hear a “Nothing But Flowers” tho! :pickin

About half of David Byrne’s sets on his recent tour have been Talking Heads songs. (Don’t look for “Psycho Killer,” however.) Byrne has a show at Red Rocks Saturday of the festival, so I doubt if he’d be able to appear during Yonder’s set (or Greensky’s, who do a pretty good version of “Road to Nowhere”).

DOH! There goes THAT idea… :slight_smile: