co boy wins top chef

anyone watch top chef?
competition to see whos the next top chef every year on bravo
they got challenges each week and resteraunt wars and the like

well, hosea, from boulder i think, became the winner last night.
so, congrats to a colorado boy for winning for becoming the newest top chef…

oh, and he won with a venison third course… mmmmmm, venison, mmmm…

That’s great!! Do you think all chefs are as intense as the ones on TV or is it a bit o drama for the cameras… intense those chefs aren’t they… :huh

i think chefs for the most part are pretty intense breed
you add the business of a good resteraunt, and the pressure of always serving top notch food without top notch help (as is often the case) and you gotta be serving up some form of intensity
with a competition like top chef, i think the intensity is definetly promoted for the sake of the show…
i love that show! i was glad hosea won in the end, although i thought stefan was gonna take the title

I’m a Rachel Ray kinda girl, she just makes me want to stir somethin’ :lol Her enthusiasum is infectious and happy… :flower :flower