Closest Grocer

I will be arriving on MOnday afternoon. I am wanting to do most of my shopping as close as possible. Is there a decent grocer in T-Ride, should I shop in Colo Springs, or is there something along highway 50?

get whatever you can in montrose at city market and walmart. there are two grocery stores in telluride and one in mtn village.

The closest grocer in town is about 3-4 blocks from the festival grounds. It is a a smallish place but has all the basics. You go out the gate by the tciket tent and go straight ahead past the post office for a few blocks. It will be on your right.

There is another about 1/2 mile from the festival (right on the bus route accross from the school near the entrance to the town proper) It is also small if you are used to bigger city stores but is quite complete. Prices are high though. A stop in Montrose on the way is a good bet.

The stores in town are fine though. You can find what ever you will need and can certainly re-supply everything.

MOntrose it is!


You mean you can’t make it living at Baked in Telluride, and the LiquorStore and the water fountain at the show and tarp handouts and the venue restaurants and townpark condo restaurants, happy hours and breakfast leftover salmon at virtually every campsite and those cute little lemonade stands that sell everything from soup to nuts and hardware and hand carwashes?

What ELSE Do you NEED??? :talk oh yes, a little :pipe2 :hombre :pipe


Where do you think the leftover stuff in our kitchen comes from? (You are welcome to it if you will do the dishes, LOL)

No comment on “Baked” except to say I don’t eat there.

I like the festival vendors well enough and that is lunch most days, but with 13-18 people in our camp most years we do a lot of cooking.