Christmas Fun!

Just for the heck of it, I googled Redneck Christmas and found a bunch of real funny stuff! :lol

being a long Haired redneck … Texas breed gotta love this !

:wave very funny :lol…
But I thought Christmas fun was when you put up your tree, train set and village with those very cool, teeny weeny people… cooked tamales for all your friends and made ginger bread houses and cookies…and best of all Christmas Carols… :flower

The fun really starts after the cat nabs one of those tamales, then runs up the tree wth the dog not far behind… right in the midle of the sing-a-long in front of Uncle Harvey and EVERYBODY, bringing the tree crashing down on top of the train set and all those teeny weeny people (ops! Sorry Grandma!) :kitty

Now, THAT’S a MEMORY! :eek

Happy Holidays Y’all! :wave

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

Ever wonder what Tom does in between festival season?

Well…he LOVES Christmas.

Click here to see what Tom does during the holidays

Happy Holidays, everyone. :cheers

I’m gonna get you for that one Dustin! :evil

This is Dustin’s Family Christmas so everyone knows. :lol

you just wish you could do that !

Willie Nelson, singing cows…what’s not to love about my xmas celebration!

Tom is much more agile than I gave him credit for.

very autentik and realipstick

did you notice Willie switching right to left handed guitar/uke? 4 strangs
put some reindeer horns on that dog and name him Humper
funny video, thanks

Omg Tom …
Too freaking Funny …

You Two Play Nice Now, Ya Hear! :lol

Auntie Hope :pickin :green