Champagne question

Can you bring to altitude?

Of course. :cheers They do sell it at the liquor stores there. :thumbsup

In my experience, if you’re bringing it from down below it has the tendency to pop louder / with greater velocity, probably for the same reason bags of chips appear as if they’ll burst at the seams when you reach altitude.

I’m not a physics expert (obviously), but I’d expect this makes sense somehow :wink:

I think it depends on what altitude at which it was originally bottled. But for fun let’s just assume that popping Champagne at 9000 ft in Telluride could be deadly :wink:

As long as it will not explode while driving… I was thinking of packing a case or so

Do it!

Anyone know a source for compostable champagne glasses or wine glasses?

For our wedding, we bought FabriKal Greenware products from – here’s a link:

They run about $4.59 / 50-pack – a pretty good deal in comparison with other compostable plastic products, we found.

Very useful link. Thanks!

De nada.

They have a variety of other sizes (16 oz for beers, etc.) as well.

Shipping is a bit steep if you’re only ordering a handful, though - apparently. We order hundreds of them so it wasn’t so bad.

I will be ordering some stuff from here- let me know if anyone wants to go in with my order to save on shipping

Incidentally, they are also one of the only places that we could find that reasonably sells in smaller quantities – many locations required you to order cases of 1,000 units, which was a lot more than we needed / wanted to pay for. :slight_smile:

This sort of staggered information is what I get for typing during my few breaks from teaching throughout the day!

Good luck!

I think given the thinner air a cork would fly farther in town park that say, in Seattle.

Same reason a baseball flies farther in Coors Field than, say, AT&T park . . . ? Right?

I don’t know if the potato chip bag vs. sparkling wine bottle is an apples/apples comparison. A potato chip bag expands at altitude because the pressure where it’s packaged is greater than that at town park and the packaging can’t contain the lower air pressure at altitude. A sparkling wine bottle, is that, a bottle and contains the pressure difference better than the potato chip bag.

However, I think the lower pressure difference at town park is certainly responsible for an excess amount of flatuence in Telluride - given the potato chip bag scenario outlined above . . . :eek