Central Park Sheiks - May xx, 1974 - aud.fob - Greenwich Village, NYC

Central Park Sheiks
acoustic swing band

The People’s Warehouse
Greenwich Village, NYC
May xx, 1974

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fob / dfc
Electro-Voice RE-15 mic
Nakamichi 550 w/Dolby NR, Advent Chromium Dioxide tape


Nakamichi 550 > Lexicon Alpha > Samplitude 24-bit, 48,000 Khz
downsampled / downconverted in Samplitude > 16-bit, 44.1 Khz Flac

published September 22, 2008
Recorded, transferred, remastered by Monte Barry

all track changes are seamless
tape was edited raw (paused) on-the-fly

EQ set flat - tracks normalized to 100%

– tried my best to get the correct info below –

d1t01 Honeysuckle Rose
d1t02 Prototype Computer
d1t03 Let Your Love Come Down
d1t04 Chicken Creel
d1t05 lead vocal tune w/the Roach Sisters
d1t06 Up on the Mountain
d1t07 instrumental
d1t08 One Bar to Another
d1t09 Country Music
d1t10 Lovesick Blues
d1t11 Lady Be Good
d1t12 instrumental
d1t13 There’ll Come a Time
d1t14 vocal tune
d1t15 instrumental
d1t16 vocal tune w/Roach Sisters
d1t17 vocal tune
d1t18 vocal tune
d1t19 instrumental medley
d1t20 vocal tune

Total Time = 61:21

Central Park Sheiks

Bob on dobro, trumpet, lead vocals
other lead vocals
Bert on lead guitar
rhythm guitar
upright base

w/the Roach Sisters on a few – brass solos played in them

Honeysuckle Rose CD - 1976
Flying Fish Records FF-026

band pic from Honeysuckle Rose CD cover


on Flying Fish Records FF-026

John Caruso: Bass
Matt Glaser: Violin
Bob Hipkens: Dobro, Trumpet, Vocals
Bert Lee: Guitar, Vocals
Richard Lieberson: Guitar, Vocals
with Gary Burke on Drums

guy with hat in pic:
Richard Lieberson 1949 - 2006

blonde hair guy on right in pic:
– is dobro player, trumpeter
he is lead singer on
– Honeysuckle Rose
– There’ll Come a Time
– Lady Be Good
– now you can recognize his voice