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I know this has been asked before, but I could not find it with a search.

Does Sprint have good coverage in Telluride, or do I need to bring a verizon phone?

I know that my old Nextel never worked, but I recently switched to Sprint

Thanks Kids

Looks like there is coverage, according to the Sprint website and the sorta vague map they provide

Sprint Coverage Telluride Co

my at&t/cingular phone worked fine last year in town park.

Sprint has very good coverage in Telluride proper. They’ve had coverage for at least 3 years now.


Thanks guys. I always had to get one of those prepaid Verizon phones just for Telluride b/c Nextel would not work. Looks like I can apply the savings to extra corndogs for DukTape Man

When I had a pre-paid AT&T/Cingular phone it didn’t work in Telluride.
Once I got a full fledged service contract it worked. :eek

Mark, my Sprint worked great all last year, right up to Thursday. After Thursday the system that was set up by the Planet caused the service to go “roaming” everytime I needed to use the phone. It drains the battery very quickly, so make sure you find your electrical source for re-charging as soon as you set up camp.

Solar panels worked great last year! There are several personal “go green” options now available at local retailers for phone re-charging. Check them out! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

really? solar cell phone chargers? sounds cool! mo info please!

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