Celebration of life for Hippie Jerry

It’s time for all the Run-a-muckers to organize a special day for Hippie Jerry.
Sylvia has been keeping his ashes for quite a while now and I think it’s time he get his final resting place. :flower

I’m thinking Sunday June 12 at 2:00 or 3:00 PM would be a good time.

Chime in here if you have any thoughts on this please so we can give him the sendoff that he deserves. :thumbsup

Sugar and I are already working on this, so stay tuned for official Run-A-Muck wake info for Hippie. However, we encourage every camp to host their own wake/memorial as they see fit for Hippie Jerry. Some people will want more of a somber experience than the send-off we are planning. Also, Hippie was well-loved by all so getting everyone to say a word or two about him at our memorial would take all week.

In addition to any planned events I’ll be celebrating Jerry every single day by having as much fun with all of you as I possibly can. Y’all are welcome to join me :wink:

Isn’t Sunday usually the day of the Goddess Walk?

Ya 3pmish though.

Rumball toast for Jerry . . . :cheers

The finer details are still being worked out, but the Hippie Jerry Memorial Picking Party at Run a Muck (not an official title yet) will be on Tuesday. That much is known. Probably around 2:00 PM or so, but that isn’t set in stone yet.

The key word is definitely Party. As Hooch said, ours is not going to be a somber event. We’re going to throw down in Jerry’s honor. More details will follow.

Wouldn’t expect anything less!! :cheers :band :oconnor :concert :hop :horsey :cheers

Thanks Sugar. I love your listening choice. They are friends of mine, should I ask them to come play for this?

Check out the Run a Muck schedule post for more details on the Hippie Jerry Memorial Picking Party

Posted elsewhere, too. But wanted to throw this here.

A further note on the Hippie Jerry Memorial Picking Party and general celebrations of Hippie.

Hippie touched a lot of lives and left a giant legacy. We know that he is loved and missed by many. Hooch and I appreciated all of the mementos and photos and everything else people brought to us in Run a Muck in 2019. We understand they all came from a place of love. But we’re going to ask that you check with us before bringing us anything this year. It simply got to be a lot of items that we had to keep track of and find places for and became a bit overwhelming.

Doing Epic Shit!! :peace