Cat Town?

Hoping to get in touch with someone from Cat Town, is anyone here affiliated?

Is Cat Town the same as Cat Fact Corner?

I believe Cat Town is the camp that controls passage through Cat Fact Corner but I could be mistaken. But yeah looking to get in touch with those folks.

What do you need to know? Not sure how active those guys are on the forum lately. We could send them an SOS via Ham Radio network. He’s got a sled dog team of chihuahuas training in Jamaica.

Hey Henfresh, did you score that for Friday night? Cottonwood Corner?

That is Camp Gnome and TheLorax27 is the only camper I know who is on the forum.

Chihuahuas? I would have guessed they had some trained bobcats or at least maine coons to pull the sled.

We got their site by accident, just wanted to make contact and negotiate a peace treaty (aka we plan to stay Friday night but relinquish on Saturday.) We’ve been in the way back of the preserve the past couple of years and were hoping to coordinate with their early folks to get some help securing that spot again.

Thanks Pass Port, I’ll try to get in touch with TheLorax

Good people on this forum I tells ya. Good people.



I appreciate every one of yas!


:wave Hoping all this rigamarole is figured out by next June!?! SKOL! N8&Sam, Udabest, Ubetcha. :cheers
Sure do appreciate ya! :flower

Just bring an extra bottle of Malort and you’ll be right at home!