Hey everyone, me and my friend are gonna be arriving at the Denver airport thursday night at approx. 7:30 we are under 25 and cant rent a car. Could we carpool with someone to the festival? we have a campsite at the Olsen camping area. my name is Josh Roy and my cell is (832) 561-2246

If you don’t have any luck finding a carpool, there is a shuttle that goes from the airport to Boulder and then on to Lyons, we’ve had some friends use this before when we were up in line and couldn’t get them.

If worse comes to worse we might have to do that. do you know how much that shuttle costs?

I don’t sorry, I’m sure that’s on line somewhere. Look up RTD online, that’s the bus lines here in Denver if your not local.

I’d love to carpool up with someone from Boulder after 11am on Friday. I have a test in the morning and have to volunteer at 1pm and the stinkin’ Y bus (see below) doesn’t run during the middle of the day. Please reply or stop and pick up the hitch hiker with the “ROCKYGRASS” sign at the intersection of Broadway and 36!

Here’s the RTD deal. It’s $12 to take the AB bus (“skyride”) from the airport to Boulder (per person). The problem is that the Y (which runs from Boulder to Lyons) only runs a few times a day and never on weekends. It leaves the Boulder station at 6:31 AM, 7:40 A, 4:10P, 5:25P, and 6:33P. It’s 4.50 unless you ride it back-to-back with the AB, in which case you’d ask for a transfer while you’re paying the $12 AB fare.

To make a long story short, you won’t be able to use the bus system to get to Lyons on Thursday night. Other options are to stay in Denver at one of the airport hotels and then catch the bus to Boulder and then Lyons Friday morning or to take the AB to Boulder, stay there, and catch the Y in the morning.

RTD’s website is pretty helpful once you know about where and when you want to go.

If you decide to stay in Boulder and wouldn’t mind camping on a lawn, I live about 200 ft from a major bust stop, send me an email at colesigmon “at” gmail dot com. (It’s really @ and . but you never know about the spammers…)

Try searching or posting to the Ride Board for a ride-share arrangement