Carolina Chocolate Drops..

I’m very jealous to see that they are playing at Rockygrass and not Telluride. For all those attending Rockygrass, this is one act not to miss!! Simply amazing performers.

We saw them at JazzFest in New Orleans - and three shipments of their CDs sold out that day. Really fun performance.

:thumbsup I saw them at Stagecoach and was quite impressed!

Whew! That girl can play the Kazoo!

They will be at Pickin in the Pines this year in Flagstaff! Ya-hooo!

I saw them at Joshua Tree last October:,2021.0.html

This show is so fun!! Don’t miss it, kids!!

They stole the show at Merlefest this year as well.

Last year, too! However their main stage show this year was pretty special. They are getting the recognition that they deserve.

Anyone who has the chance to hear this group should not miss them!