Caravan from Fort Worth to Telluride

Giles and I will be happy to arrange a caravan from Fort Worth to Telluride and back for anyone who wants to join us from anywhere near to us.

We will also host at least one “Packing for Telluride” Anticipation Party at our house before it’s time to actually get on the road and go. This is meant for anyone who wants to hear “the inside scoop” about the trick to successful festivation, including the importance of tarpmates and tarp running, “things to do and things to bring,” and pre-festival video watching and CD listening. :wave

Just indicate your interest with a reply to this post.


A friend and I will be driving from Houston starting tomorrow night. Have you guys left yet?

We will be leaving Ft. Worth very early tomorrow morning (Tuesday at 8am). We plan to reach Albuquerque tomorrow evening and stay overnight in a hotel. That first leg of the trip is 10 hours. Then, on Wednesday morning, we’ll leave for Telluride…hoping to arrrive by 2pm. That’s another 6.5 hours.

If you’re not leaving Houston until tomorrow night, you’re gonna have a VERY long, difficult drive. Are you sure you want to wait until tomorrow night to leave?

If you want to follow us, you’d better get in the car right now and drive up here tonite. You can camp out at our house tonight.