Car Line

This is our first Rockygrass, how reasonable is it that if we arrive on Thursday morning to get in line that we will be able to find a good spot? Should we plan on sending someone up sooner to stay in the line?
Thanks for the info.
Beth :flower

Helloo! I’d suggest getting in line sooner if possible. If you only have a small camp setup you will probably be okay but the camping is way more dense than TBF Town Park. Or, if you know anyone else in line that you are planning to camp with then they can get the spot and you will just have to wait your turn to get in with gear.

Thanks Hooch,
I think we are going to bring a vehicle up on Sunday to get in line, being an ABGATer I can’t even fathom coming late. FYI are you bringing any Crunchy Frog??? See you in a week,
Beth :flower

Yes, there will be Crunchy Frog! Come on by! We will be set up…where ever we find a spot.