Car line-up on Sunday to get number for on site camping.

I prefer NOT to hang out around my car for four days to get a number.

Since I am a single person with a tent and overhead shelter…will I be good to show up Thursday?
I actually would like to spend the four days prior really camping and enjoying myself instead of jockeying for position. Anyone want to save me a good camping spot for a case of beer??


I wouldn’t worry about it if its just you and a tent. You should be able to find a good spot with just a tent and some gear with a cooler for that case of beer. :cheers

It looks like you will be making a short drive to accomplish your pre Fest camping. So new plan, suggestion, you are sourrounded by outstanding Co camping if you head to Golden Gate State Park this is in Golden about 50 min away. I live here on White Ranch a very beautiful camping and hiking area. Come up for coffee on your way in or out, stop by the Ranger station for all the trail maps and hit it! Its worth the drive if you are not from here and want to explore. SOLO it is very comfortable. :flower Have fun no matter which way you go :cheers

I would LOVE to meet you for coffee…what a kind gesture! I will have to figure out where you are!

I had an idea…thought about buying a Meadow Park camping pass also, then putting my car in the silly line up and enjoying 4 days in Meadow Park before moving over to On site. What ya think?

This sounds like a great camping plan! Since you are going to be in Lyons I will see you inside the Ranch for that coffee. :medal :cheers

Well I am in the car line. Number 43 to be exact. I am staying at that cute little motel on Main st. Till festivities open on site Thursday. Just chatting up townsfolk and Planet workers trying to get the full scoops and do recon since this is my first time here… Wish I was in Song School already camping.