cant make it in 2008, i need my TBF fix!!!

greetings all…

i’ve been to coming to TBF since 2000, but will not be able to make it out in 2008, and i’m so jonesin over it. in searching for my TBF fix, i discovered these here forums. where the heck have i been all these years? man, i could’ve met some great people had i known about this place.

i’ve always stayed out at Rancho Deluxe out near Wilson Mesa Trail, but it sounds like camping at Town Park might be the thing to do! and homebrew!!?!? holy moly, if i’d only known. [sigh]

anyways, just wanted to stop in and say hi. i hope to become a regular around here now, and hopefully get to meet some great people in 2009.

i’ll be sure to be checking out Telluride on the live cams during festival, so make sure you smile and wave. everyone enjoy Festivaaaal 2008!

too bad your missing this years festival. its gonna be some fire fire fire!