Hi! I had the best time this year at TBF, my first time ever! And I do not foresee myself ever missing it agian. This year I have a lot of family coming out for the festival, some of them older. I know they will likely want shade.

I saw a bunch of those Kelty canopies in the field. Did people bring those or are they placed there by the festival?

Also, are umbrellas allowed closer to the stage than the “canopy line”?



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hi Nick !
Bring your own !

Those shade tents are great and put up by you the fun lovin fiesty festy guy or gal.
Unbrellas are used once in a while but I personnally think they are a bit in yer face for the folks behind you. Not sure what or if there is a policy about them. :flower

thanks amigos! follow up. I’ve got a gigantic canopy that would likely piss off everyone behind me if i set up in the field. I saw some people lined up with canopies along the fence (facing stage, on the left side). is anyone allowed to set up a canopy over there?

thank you all!

Yes, EZ-up type canopies can be set up along the fence line. :flower

you think something like this would fly, even if not EZ-up? Or do i need to buy a new canopy?


That would be fine for along the fence line. :thumbsup

thanks mayor tom and landshark and rob and deb! my crew will be easily identifiable over there and we will insist that you all come by for a beverage during your festival rounds! :slight_smile:

we’re stayin in town, but will have a lot of musicians in the crew, perhaps we can make some later night rounds of TP to jam with some of you all!

man i can’t believe we still have to wait 6 months!!!

thanks again folks!

:cheers :flower :slight_smile:

our pleasure !

If you want shade you will have to be dedicated to get a spot for it.
This means going out early, dayly to get in line and then find a spot first thing.
After the gate opens it only takes minutes for all of the shade space to be taken.
The shades can only be put in the back of the venue and along the left field fence.

I’ve been comming for years and dayly getting in line several hours before gates and still not able to get a front row spot in the shades, even with a small tent size shade. The people in town park have a huge advantage and can get to the spot long before those in line from town.

If your not right on top of it your going to be barried behind several layer of canopys and may not even be able to see the stage, but your here to listen not nessarily watch.

Good luck