Can you imagine....

the jam session in heaven…

Mandolin - Bill Monroe
Fiddle - Vassar Clements
Banjo - John Hartford
Guitar - Chet Atkins
Bass - Roy Husky Jr.

one more I forgot:
Dobro - Uncle Josh Graves


Put Clarence White on guitar as well and we’ve got one hell of a jam session (even though it would be without him, you just have to include him).

Oh, and can we get some Lester Flatt somewhere in there too?

Heaven is one big pickin’ circle as far as I’m concerned. :cheers

Tom let’s not forget about Jerry Garcia and John Kahn. Almost a full Old and In The Way reunion there with Vassar.
When I die I want to go to Bluegrass heaven where the music and dancing never stops because there’s always one more song to play. :angel

:band :kiss :dancing :dancing

that would be amazing!

Cool band icons! Hey Cindy Lou! Wacha doin 4 Turkey Day? Call me,