Can You Guess the Birthday??

Who’s the tie dye geek??

It’s Doc Mike, the Utarpian King!

Happy (early) Birthday, Doc!!
It’s the big 5-0, right?? heeheehee

Doc Mike!!! Doc Mike!!!

Happy birthday, brother! :bday

Hope all is well in WA.

Hey Doc! Good luck with that birthday spanking!!!

Happy Birthday Mike


Happy Birthday Good Doctor!

May your drinks be plentiful, your music be loud and your fingers finally able to play Jimmy Crack Corn on that sweet Martin!

See you soon.

CSI Mike

Doc Mike,

Happy birthday to you, my friend. :cheers

I hope that life is treating you better than ever.

Happy Birthday, Doc Mike!

(Love the pose, by the way!) :lol

Auntie Hope :pickin

Thanks everyone! :love :love :love

And no, Jen, it ain’t 50! :lol Give me a few years.

Maybe the next step is for the Planet to add some employees to be full time on this board, I look away for a week and there’s a birthday party and I missed it. (of course that means me - I could switch careers in a snap)

Happy Birthday Doctor.

Happy New Year.


You WANT me to give you years? How 'bout four? 54!! :giggle

It was great texting you at work the other day… I hope your patient didn’t “feel” a thing… :eek